Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nice Save!

Oh Hannah! How I worry. She has some friends that concern me! I do not like these girls. The girls in the ward just don't like her for some reason and since we moved here the only friends she has made are these two girls who live a street over. They are not nice. Hitting Bailey, threatening her if she doesn't give them money, they lie to me, sneak around, have really foul mouths (think F~bomb!)and I just don't feel comfortable with them! I now feel like I want to make sure when we move we choose a area where Hannah will be in a new school a new ward and a new chance to make good friends. I am really worried about her. I felt like 5Th and for sure 6Th grade is really the age that the friendships you make carry over to Jr high and high school.Anyhow, woke up this morning to these girls being in the house early this morning. Ugh! I told them to leave and I went back upstairs. Guess what? They came back in. Sneaky. Hannah and these girls. Ugh I don't like them. Did this twice! Yep, twice!

Ran them off again, Hannah and I had a nice argument over them.Good morning!

Our fridge has broke down 3 times now.Yesterday the repairman promised it was fixed and I was able to work on cleaning the melted mess out of the freezer and mopping the floor.It took 5 times mopping to get the melted Popsicles off the floor and all their sticky glory! still a little sticky. Not sure what to do!

Went to get Ethan a bottle and found the stinkin thing was broken AGAIN! ugh! Food is melted again. Ruined. For the 4Th time! I was so irritated!

Went to get Ethan to give his bottle and find him in the cat litter! Sick! Do not pull a JR on me boy!(OK, Dani, just had to say that to lighten my mood! Do you want to beat me?)

So Here I am frustrated and it is not even 8:30.

The doorbell rings and I think "Oh my heck! I am going to kill those rotten little pigs I swear! How many times do I gotta chase them off?"So I yell at Hannah to get the door and to my surprise she tells me it's for me. I'm thinkin what now?

OH!! Lori L Kendall is at my door with a big smile on her face and two loaves of hot homemade bread! How nice is that! I thanked her and told her what a foul mood I am in and thanked her for the bread! Told her just what I needed to get back on track today!

What a kind thing to do!

So she left and I am thinking I need to turn this day around.Here is my fresh start. So I am just going to let this all go! I am going to read my scriptures, say my prayers, get everyone dressed and get out of the house!

Thanks Lori! I think you might have made my day! Nice save!!


Shelli said...

Oh, what a good friend! Isn't it nice that Heavenly Father sends you people like that to let you know he's thinking of you? Hang in there -- it all gets better, I promise!

W. Vidal said...

What you need, is a bouncer. Either a giant robot man, or a giant man, period. I'm thinking Andre the Giant status, or Andre the Giant's robot twin. Either that, or I believe Hannah has 3 older brothers that (if Elizabeth is any indication) are very protective and well versed in trickery. They can kick those girls out and keep an eye on Hannah for added trickery. I believe they may have ways to make little girls (and boys) piddle themselves in fear. Bwahhahahaha.

In all seriousness, that was really cool of your friend.

Lori ~ LL-K said...

I'm glad I could help make your day better!! I'm sorry about the fridge again!!! That is a total nightmare I know!! (through some dirt on the sticky mess and then mop.. The stickness should go away.)

About Hannah ~ she was going to tell those girls off because she started to when she opened the door. And I think I gave her a heart attack when she finally looked up and realized it was me...

About the friend thing with Hannah, this area is hard to make friends. Honestly I think it is weird!!! All my kids seem to have had a hard time making friends... And I have lived in this area for 10 years. Don't get me wrong they have one or two friends now but it is not how I had friends when I was growing up. There are some good kids at the school that are not LDS... She just need to find them. I will pray that she finds a good friend!

Well hang in there!!
I hope you have a great day!
:) And everything going better!
(PS that was sweet of you to post about the bread!)


Aaaahhhh, and you all laughed your pants off when JR played in the kitty litter. Payback. Just teasing you! It is a nightmare. At least he showers sometimes now. Actually, he likes to impress the girls, so he is pretty good.

How nice to get fresh bread. There is something so warm and comforting about it. You seem to have met some great friends out there!

Jenifer said...

Lori saved me last week with her yummy bread! Isn't she great! Hang in there. Girls are hard. They sound like first class buttheads. Sheesh.

KLS said...

I can not imagine how hard it must be to be a parent. I don't like those girls and I have never met them.

I think the last time I was given home made bread was in the ward in Escondido. I don't even remember how it tastes. I should break down and make some one day.

goingsome said...

Yum, fresh bread is the best. What a nice surprise.

I agree. 5th and 6th grade is when friends are made for the future school years. Hannah needs to start to understand that the friends she "keeps" is a reflection of her.

UGH to the fridge. We had a close call a few year ago, but it was an easy fix. I hope that it is fixed now.

Keep your spirits up.

Ginger said...

Isn't it interesting how when we need a boost the Lord so often meets our need by prompting others? You are lucky to have a friend who is in tune to those promptings.

Do everything you can to get Hannah good friends. This is a critical time for her. It has so much to do with self-esteem.

It irritates me when women of the church don't force their daughters to be friends to each girl in the ward. If they don't like Hannah's friends they can invite Hannah alone to spend time with their daughters and build a relationship. I think we would have far fewer inactives in the church if we just had more fellowshiping youth. As Relief Society Pres. I hear so many stories of women who once loved the Church but quit coming because they were left out by the girls when they were young. I have a hard time listening to people talk about having a Christ centered life when they miss the main point - Christ wants us to love, friendship and take care of one another. What hypocrisy to say, "Love One Another" and not teach it to your children.

Anthony_toRWH said...

I agree with Grammy. We acquire the traits of those we spend the time with the most. Pretty soon, whether Hannah notices it or not she will develop the traits of her friends. Now is the time to really make sure she is in a good circle of friends. I know that once I changed my circle of friends, even though the ones weren't necessarily bad before, my attitude and demeanor changed dramatically. I love Hannah and would hate to see her turn out like those girls seem to be. Love you. Good luck. ;)

Cara said...

her bread is heaven! It's my favorite! And we all LOVE hannah! I'm sorry she has bad friends that's the worst. She can come over here. Cassidy doesn't have anyone her age to play with that's close.
do you know where you are going to move to?