Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Went To Church Today

With hairy legs.
I Went To Church Today with almost no makeup on
I Went To Church Today With spit up on my shirt
I Went To Church Today Without having washed my hair today

But~ I Went To Church Today!
Was I humiliated? Yeah. But at least I made it there! We woke up a half a hour before church started. Long night with baby. So I wanted to stay home. But we made a commitment to go to church regularly~ Which is not something we have done in the past. And my kids are struggling. And we recognize that this is probably because of the choices we have made as parents.
So we are trying to be better. And is NOT easy! Do you know that our home teacher told us "Boy everyone knows when Ethan is here don't they?" Cause yeah..he is a animal at church. And the girls love to fight there. We are by far the noisiest family at church. I happen to love it how there is this woman who EVERY week stares us down when they are noisy.And I want to tell her do you know what it took to get here today? The older kids fought us tooth and nail. And we were running late. And I have spit up on my shirt. And my legs are hairy. And I haven't washed my hair today. And I didn't even put on makeup. And church feels like torture alot of the time. But dang it~ I Went To Church Today! So there!
Why is it so hard?