Monday, July 30, 2012

It's That Time Of Year Again!

OK, I gotta take control here. We have been looking back at old blog posts and it reminds me why I love blogging! Seeing pictures and remembering all the little things I had forgotten is priceless! I am so grateful I had started this blog.
Also it reminds me why I needed to start again. But Tony took over and posted these pics and blogged about their first day of school. Oh no he didn't! Step away from my blog. Seriously. Don't touch my blog here! Doesn't he realize this is personal?
So I shall step up and start fresh blogging.
Well school is back in session! July 30. Hello? Am I the only one who finds this crazy early?
July =Summer!
This year was kinda hard on me. When my older ones started kindergarten I was OK with it. They were ready. I was ready. It just felt right. But THIS year is killing me! I tell ya killing me!
My little meatball started this year! He is my snuggly one. The one that actually LIKES hanging out with his mama! And it seems like this one for some reason has hammered home the fact that my littles are growing up way to quickly and this mama ain't liking it one bit. No I am not.

Fortunately they survived their first day and so did I. Even if I did feel kinda melancholy throughout the day I have to admit there were also moments of hmmm this isn't so bad. Soon I shall have no kids at home. I shall be able to pee alone. I could take a nap. Hmm the possibilities are endless.

We found a fantastic school here in the valley and I love it. I have so far loved all the teachers.I know that my little ones are in great hands here with teachers that care and do a fantastic job. So even though I miss them and it's killing me a little here that they're growing up I am grateful to know we have found a wonderful place that I can feel good about sending them. And I still have my Adelicious at home with me to snuggle! That alone shall help me survive!