Sunday, May 29, 2011

It Just Makes Me Happy!

We have such a limited amount of space in our back yard for gardening. I thought we were just out of luck in having one! I love having a garden! I love fresh veggies and fruit from our yard. Tony though was determined and so he got creative! We removed some of the perennials in the raised flower beds and we added some soil and fertilizer and then planted a small garden. It looks amazing! We have corn, tomatoes, onions,cilantro, cucumbers, squash, garlic, watermelon, cantaloupe, and sunflowers growing! I am so excited everyday seeing how crazy fast everything is growing!
 Today we cut a bunch of cilantro and made some salsa! And I am so excited to see the squash growing like crazy. It's going to be a big crop! Mmmm I love veggies from my garden!

Another unexpected thing I am loving is seeing how much the kids love to garden also. They help me daily weed and water. We check each flower on the plants to see how many melons or cucumbers have set. They all have a set of gardening gloves and a shovel. I have such fantastic memories (and some not so fun) of gardening with my family when we were growing up. I love giving my kids these kind of memories too!

Since we had to remove our perennials from the flower beds Tony planted a bunch near my front door! Every time I walk up and see them It just makes me smile! This for sure is one of my favorite things about this time of year! It just makes me happy! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let The Easter Fun Begin!

 This weekend we were fortunate enough to have been invited to a Easter Egg Hunt and picnic with some families from the ward.
I was kinda nervous to go since I hadn't been to church in awhile and at first it's always so dang uncomfortable. But I am so glad we decided to go anyways. Everyone was so sweet and welcoming and the kids had a blast!
 Miss Adie wasn't too sure she wanted to go find eggs until I showed her the candy inside. Once she knew the chocolate was there she was all over it! That girl is her mama's girl for sure.
It was 96 degrees out! Check out poor Ethan's cheeks. He was sweating like a pig poor guy but he just wouldn't quit! Running from here to there and pointing out every great new friend he made. So cute!

Rachelle even came and helped with the little ones. That's a big deal around here...a teen wanting to come help out! 
I've felt pretty disconnected from the ward and the ladies and have really missed hanging out talking with them, the fun family activities we used do with families from our old wards etc. so I just really was thankful to be included! 
It has even put me in the holiday spirit! Let The Easter Fun Begin!