Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Year Has Begun!

I'm not sure if it's cause we haven't done typical summer activities like camping, or that we've been kinda house bound this summer or what but it seems like the time FLEW by!

And I just can't seem to wrap my head around the kids going to school in 115 degree heat. It just feels wrong! Wrong I say!

I always liked back to school in Utah cause it feels like it is starting to cool down. And summer just felt over.

But here we are. in blazing heat the middle of summer and on Monday Bailey and Hannah started school! Crazy!

I was worried for Bailey cause they only offer all day kindergarten ( Which I hate and think it's just wrong!) And I was so worried she would be too tired, especially with the heat, but she has surprised me and done very well. She actually loves school so far. I am hoping it continues!

Grace and Ethan came with me to drop them off for the first day of school and as you can see from the rosy cheeks~ It was HOT! At 8 am! yikes!

Is it just me or does time seem to be flying by? It seems like yesterday Tony and I had just gotten married and moved to Utah and Zachary was the one starting Kindergarten.He was so cute and I remember being so proud of him on that day! And this May it was WEIRD having Anthony graduate from high school. I remember him as this little wild rambunctious boy! And there he was all grown up, graduating from high school and now preparing to serve a mission. Makes me feel sad. Like I was too overwhelmed to have enjoyed the moment like I would have liked.
And I am feeling out of sorts having Bailey start kindergarten. I know I should be celebrating one more out of the house and a little less work during the day but I actually feel kinda sad. I just want to hold on to them a little longer. And I want to chill. And enjoy it a little more!

Definitely feeling a sense of nostalgia today! It's a good reminder once again as a harried busy mom to take some time,slow down and just live in the moment.Enjoy the chaos and the good times. Cause as I am already finding out~ It's gone way too soon!
BTW~ Hannah the booger wouldn't let me get any pictures of her on the first day! Just like my older teens.Oh how it's already begun with her!
ps...anyone know how to get rid of the extra space on a post at the end??

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I'm Seriously Considering Having Him Banned!

We have this fight lately. And it is making me furious! You see Tony likes to fart in our room. And every time he does it makes me puke. And puke. And puke. And I feel like if I have to carry this baby for 9 months (OK technically it's 10, but hey who's counting?) and be sick, and be tortured then he can walk his sorry lazy butt to the bathroom to do it.

But he doesn't. And he claims he tried to hold it in, but just couldn't make it to the bathroom. And today after puking what food I had gotten down he tells me to just stop. And not to be a martyr. Umm right. Can I castrate him now with that rusty butter knife?

So I am pissed. And thinking now is the time to reconsider. Being the martyr that I am~ I am thinking I need to have him banned from the delivery room. Cause that's just the kind of girl I am!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Love Seeing This Little Face!

Got back from the Dr's again today. It is crazy to me to think when I first found out I was pregnant I was angry, frustrated, and DID NOT want to do this again.
And then today, I was hearing news about her that was worrisome. And I felt guilty for not realizing what a gift she is sooner. And I was looking at her sweet little face, watching her sucking her thumb, watching her yawn and my heart melted. And I felt so, so grateful that sometimes my Heavenly Father knows better than I do. And that this baby will be here soon enough for me to snuggle and love. And somehow everything will be OK.
They think there is something wrong with her but just don't know what yet.I was told there might be a heart problem with her. Or it could be a cleft palette,(which I seriously doubt she looks perfect to me. I see no way!), or digestive blockage that requires surgery right after birth. We just don't know yet what is causing the problems so I am a bit of a wreck cause I worry! So when you are saying your prayers, keep my Lil one in mind! I am sure everything will be OK, but you know me, I worry, worry, worry! I am praying they are wrong and it is just a strange, weird fluke and she is perfect!

Friday, July 10, 2009

She Drive Me Crazy And Cracks Me Up!

Lately this girl has been a challenge. I alternate between wanting to beat her and laughing my butt off at the things she says.
Today I came home from the Dr's and this is what she was wearin~ Swimsuit and a Crown Hannah made for her. The reason? She had to look super cute in case Browny (Zach's friend) came over.
And when she came into my room to lay down with me? She told me I look pretty cute with makeup on my eyes~ But Do I know that my shirt is super ugly? She then asked me to go change it so she doesn't have to look at it anymore! Umm yeah she's only 3!
She then told me it would be much better for her if I would put on something that was really cute. Cause that's what she likes. And the boys too...

Ahhh there is no other like Grace! And that's just the way I like it!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chick Fil A = Fun and Free!!

With summer here I am always looking for cheap fun things to do with the kids that doesn't require me to do much! Yeah.. I know I am a overachiever here but hey~I did go somewhere and find something that was so fun for the little ones.
When I went to get a soda they gave me a flier about their customer appreciation week. Every night was a different theme.
So we decided to go to the princess night of course!

They had free pony rides, crafts to make, Princess pictures,prizes, free milkshakes, free desserts, and free samplings of the chicken sandwiches, free bubbles, and games to play!

It was so fun for the girls to see so many other kids there dressed like different princesses.

They had a blast feeding and then riding the ponies.

Bailey thought the free milkshakes was so cool!

Tony was a sweetheart and came along to help me so I wouldn't have to do much. He has been so AMAZING lately. I think I need to write a post just about that cause I feel so in love and grateful for this man right now!
Anyhow it was a perfect night out and how can you go wrong with free?
If you are looking for something fun to do check them out. They have family night fun on Mondays and on July 10 it is their customer appreciation days. If you wear any cow apparel you get a free chicken sandwich. If you wear the full costume you get a number one combo free. Plus they have balloon twisters, face painting, games, prizes,and contests. Best of's free. I love that!