Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Year Has Begun!

I'm not sure if it's cause we haven't done typical summer activities like camping, or that we've been kinda house bound this summer or what but it seems like the time FLEW by!

And I just can't seem to wrap my head around the kids going to school in 115 degree heat. It just feels wrong! Wrong I say!

I always liked back to school in Utah cause it feels like it is starting to cool down. And summer just felt over.

But here we are. in blazing heat the middle of summer and on Monday Bailey and Hannah started school! Crazy!

I was worried for Bailey cause they only offer all day kindergarten ( Which I hate and think it's just wrong!) And I was so worried she would be too tired, especially with the heat, but she has surprised me and done very well. She actually loves school so far. I am hoping it continues!

Grace and Ethan came with me to drop them off for the first day of school and as you can see from the rosy cheeks~ It was HOT! At 8 am! yikes!

Is it just me or does time seem to be flying by? It seems like yesterday Tony and I had just gotten married and moved to Utah and Zachary was the one starting Kindergarten.He was so cute and I remember being so proud of him on that day! And this May it was WEIRD having Anthony graduate from high school. I remember him as this little wild rambunctious boy! And there he was all grown up, graduating from high school and now preparing to serve a mission. Makes me feel sad. Like I was too overwhelmed to have enjoyed the moment like I would have liked.
And I am feeling out of sorts having Bailey start kindergarten. I know I should be celebrating one more out of the house and a little less work during the day but I actually feel kinda sad. I just want to hold on to them a little longer. And I want to chill. And enjoy it a little more!

Definitely feeling a sense of nostalgia today! It's a good reminder once again as a harried busy mom to take some time,slow down and just live in the moment.Enjoy the chaos and the good times. Cause as I am already finding out~ It's gone way too soon!
BTW~ Hannah the booger wouldn't let me get any pictures of her on the first day! Just like my older teens.Oh how it's already begun with her!
ps...anyone know how to get rid of the extra space on a post at the end??


RhondaLue said...

Our area is cutting back on the all-day kindergartens. I think because of budget cuts. Same with all the early learner preschool classes. I can't beleive you guys are back already. It IS wrong to be so hot when they go back to school. Not to mention that our district has put all the thermostats wayyy up and the kids are hog sweating during class. Way to have them all test poorly, eh? But budget cuts have to come from somewhere I guess so we'll try not to complain. lol

Your kidlets are SO cute!

Cheffie-Mom said...

School already? In July?! I hope the kiddos had a wonderful first day!

Juli said...

I am right there with you! Having my baby receive the priesthood and my oldest getting married. Life goes way too fast. I often wonder if I was there enough or spent enough time doing the fun, good things with them. Instead of always worrying about stuff that really doesn't matter, now. Here we go on to the next step. :)

Kricket said...

I can't believe they are starting school this early. I remember starting school when it was still hot and absolutely hating it. I guess its because on TV you see everybody in Fall clothing starting school - a little bit of a chill in the air. Not in the west though! I guess its like you said already...its nice to go back to school when you feel like summer is over.

I'm glad the girls did really well. Just relax and use the time you've got now in the day to take care of yourself and the new baby.

The Northwest Bunch said...

The time does fly by faster than we think! I can not believe you are already in school,what is that all about?

I hope you enjoyed the time you did have this summer. Also you are having a baby any day and it will be a little more relaxing with them in school.