Monday, July 30, 2012

It's That Time Of Year Again!

OK, I gotta take control here. We have been looking back at old blog posts and it reminds me why I love blogging! Seeing pictures and remembering all the little things I had forgotten is priceless! I am so grateful I had started this blog.
Also it reminds me why I needed to start again. But Tony took over and posted these pics and blogged about their first day of school. Oh no he didn't! Step away from my blog. Seriously. Don't touch my blog here! Doesn't he realize this is personal?
So I shall step up and start fresh blogging.
Well school is back in session! July 30. Hello? Am I the only one who finds this crazy early?
July =Summer!
This year was kinda hard on me. When my older ones started kindergarten I was OK with it. They were ready. I was ready. It just felt right. But THIS year is killing me! I tell ya killing me!
My little meatball started this year! He is my snuggly one. The one that actually LIKES hanging out with his mama! And it seems like this one for some reason has hammered home the fact that my littles are growing up way to quickly and this mama ain't liking it one bit. No I am not.

Fortunately they survived their first day and so did I. Even if I did feel kinda melancholy throughout the day I have to admit there were also moments of hmmm this isn't so bad. Soon I shall have no kids at home. I shall be able to pee alone. I could take a nap. Hmm the possibilities are endless.

We found a fantastic school here in the valley and I love it. I have so far loved all the teachers.I know that my little ones are in great hands here with teachers that care and do a fantastic job. So even though I miss them and it's killing me a little here that they're growing up I am grateful to know we have found a wonderful place that I can feel good about sending them. And I still have my Adelicious at home with me to snuggle! That alone shall help me survive!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

It Just Makes Me Happy!

We have such a limited amount of space in our back yard for gardening. I thought we were just out of luck in having one! I love having a garden! I love fresh veggies and fruit from our yard. Tony though was determined and so he got creative! We removed some of the perennials in the raised flower beds and we added some soil and fertilizer and then planted a small garden. It looks amazing! We have corn, tomatoes, onions,cilantro, cucumbers, squash, garlic, watermelon, cantaloupe, and sunflowers growing! I am so excited everyday seeing how crazy fast everything is growing!
 Today we cut a bunch of cilantro and made some salsa! And I am so excited to see the squash growing like crazy. It's going to be a big crop! Mmmm I love veggies from my garden!

Another unexpected thing I am loving is seeing how much the kids love to garden also. They help me daily weed and water. We check each flower on the plants to see how many melons or cucumbers have set. They all have a set of gardening gloves and a shovel. I have such fantastic memories (and some not so fun) of gardening with my family when we were growing up. I love giving my kids these kind of memories too!

Since we had to remove our perennials from the flower beds Tony planted a bunch near my front door! Every time I walk up and see them It just makes me smile! This for sure is one of my favorite things about this time of year! It just makes me happy! 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let The Easter Fun Begin!

 This weekend we were fortunate enough to have been invited to a Easter Egg Hunt and picnic with some families from the ward.
I was kinda nervous to go since I hadn't been to church in awhile and at first it's always so dang uncomfortable. But I am so glad we decided to go anyways. Everyone was so sweet and welcoming and the kids had a blast!
 Miss Adie wasn't too sure she wanted to go find eggs until I showed her the candy inside. Once she knew the chocolate was there she was all over it! That girl is her mama's girl for sure.
It was 96 degrees out! Check out poor Ethan's cheeks. He was sweating like a pig poor guy but he just wouldn't quit! Running from here to there and pointing out every great new friend he made. So cute!

Rachelle even came and helped with the little ones. That's a big deal around here...a teen wanting to come help out! 
I've felt pretty disconnected from the ward and the ladies and have really missed hanging out talking with them, the fun family activities we used do with families from our old wards etc. so I just really was thankful to be included! 
It has even put me in the holiday spirit! Let The Easter Fun Begin!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I Need To Get It Together Already!

Christmas is here again and I'm not ready!! I think I needed another month to get ready for it. Feels like it kinda snuck up on me. Crazy!
I'm totally sinking this year. I do not have it together at all! I even decided not to do my annual cookie exchange! I am on the ward activities committee and had a lot I had to do for the ward Christmas party. I just felt like I couldn't do both.Sad, sad, sad. It is my very favorite thing to do each year and it is killing me not doing it!
Things kinda went out of control several months when I had surgery and I haven't been able to pull it together since. I am just trying to dig out! How can I feel so dang overwhelmed?
I do think though that I need to start making some effort so I'm not totally bummed. It just doesn't feel like Christmas when in years past my baking looks like this.....
 And this year so far my baking is looking like this..........
I need to get it together already!!!

Our Fall Escape Day 3!

I just had to finish posting our last day at the cabin because it was one of my favorite days yet!
Lauren and Zachary came up the night before and spent the night. We got up early and had breakfast then spent the morning outside on the porch watching the kids play in the yard.Then we grabbed some hot dogs and string and headed down to the pond!
I was going to teach my kids how to catch crawdads!
Some of my favorite memories are of my dad taking all of us kids down to a stream or pond and teaching us how to catch them! I loved the thrill of getting one hooked on my hot dog and yanking it out of the water! It would terrify me as they would squirm on the ground.We even took them home and boiled them and ate them a time or two! Yikes!
My older ones have been crawdad huntin with me but the littles hadn't been yet so it was exciting! They could hardly contain themselves.
Zachary was a master at catching them so he helped the girls catch them. It made me a little teary eyed watching him and Bailey together. One of those "Oh man I love these kids so much" kinda moments. So sweet.
We spent hours down there catching lots of crawdads, and trying (unsuccessfully) to catch some frogs.It was awesome!
We finished the day with a BBQ on the back patio as the sun set! Perfection!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Our Fall Escape Day 2!

So on day 2 we got up at the buttcrack of dawn and I made a huge yummy breakfast for everyone.

Grace was once again beside herself at the thought of getting to sit down and eat together at that round table! It made me smile the whole time I was cooking to see her excitement over it! She had to set the table to help make things go quicker. Plates, yep..cups, yep..silverware..."Bailey hurry and get your butt in here we gotta get this table set so we can eat" ( guess she just couldn't contain herself!) Funny.She is a freakin awesome kid! I love this girl's personality!

After breakfast I cleaned up then started making chili for the crockpot. We wanted to go explore and I wanted to make sure dinner would be done when we got home so I wouldn't have to worry about it!

Then we were off. I love exploring the mountains. Wherever we have lived Tony and I have always loved driving exploring the mountains. I love finding wildflowers and pressing them in my scriptures. I have some from ten years ago that I can still tell you where we picked them!

We were on the hunt to find a lake called Big Lake. I heard it was beautiful but we had yet to go there.

The drive was beautiful! It reminded me of living in Utah and Colorado! It made me happy. The big pine trees, the aspens just starting to turn color for fall!Heaven!

It turned into quite a adventure! It was raining and we were on a dirt road.I thought for sure we were going to roll the car or get stuck in the mud. Tony and I were tense but the little ones loved the bouncing all over the place!

Then we found this fabulous river. Ahhh I love rivers like this! I was sad I didn't have some salmon eggs and treble hooks with a fishing pole! I miss going to the river to fish!

After the river we found the lake. It was as amazing as we heard. I thought I might cry. It reminded me of my favorite campground in Utah..Currant Creek! Right here in Arizona! Happy times are here again!

It was raining at the lake so we only spent a little bit of time there walking around and taking pictures.
(notice the ever elusive teen attempting to avoid all pictures!)

Now folks, I promised Tony I wouldn't post this pic but it is too awesome to not share! I thought I was taking pics of the kids exploring and when we got back to the cabin I downloaded the pics and saw Ethan in the background! Peeing in the lake! haha! He is such a animal. And I have the pictures to prove it!! It was so funny to see that he was doing that and I didn't even notice at the time!

We had a perfect day rain and all and when we were tired we
got to head back to find
some delicious hot chili waiting for dinner. Perfect!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Fall Escape Day 1!

I am burnt out on heat, dirt, and desert! So at the beginning of this month we decided to get away and rent a cabin up in the White Mountains! I went online and found the most amazing cabin ever!! It was SO reasonable priced so we booked it and headed up.
We were delighted at how gorgeous it is! And the size of it is perfect for our big family. My favorite part of the whole cabin is the wrap around deck. It is all enclosed so Adelynn can walk around and play while I read a book or just sit watching squirrels and birds. I love, love the sound of the wind blowing through the trees! And the smell...oh the smell! Nothing like the smell of pine trees!

The first night Tony decided to go golfing so I made the kids some popcorn and we sat on that porch for a hour. That is heaven to me!

The property has a creek running through it and the creek empties into some ponds. We spent hours catching fish and trying to catch frogs.

I also loved the dining room table. The kids would be excited to help set the table for the meals. Grace thought a round table was super cool cause we could look at everyone! haha! It was great seeing how happy it made them to be sitting there with family. So sweet.

I was so thrilled to have found this place and it was exactly everything I had hoped it would be!

I am already planning a return trip this winter and am talking to the owner about renting it for a week during the fourth of July!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Surprise My Pet!!

This Wednesday Zachary is turning 18!!! And usually for his birthday he doesn't really want to do anything for it. He has always told me he just isn't into a party so he hasn't had one in years!
But this year was going to be different! Cause his girlfriend Lauren just wasn't having none of that!
She decided she wanted to throw a surprise party for him. She was so sweet about it because she told me that since it was a big year for him, turning 18 and all it was very important. One he would always remember and she wanted to make sure that when he thought back to this year he would remember how many people really love him! Her entire goal was to make him feel special and loved! She is such a sweetie!
So I agreed to help her throw a surprise party with some of his closest friends.And then it started looking like about 30 people, then 50 people and by the end we were looking at about 70!!! Holy crap!

Tonight was the party and when Zach first walked into the party he was TOTALLY surprised! Seriously! We pulled it off! AWESOME!! I still can't believe that we pulled this one off!

Lauren and her girlfriends made a giant cake out of cardboard boxes.
The they had this inside~ Abe .......

Oh yeah..And Jake!!! I wasn't really getting what they were planning on doing! Not yet anyhow!
So they sat Zach down on a chair as soon as he got there and they put some music on. And Abe and Jake jumped out of the cake.

Wrong on so many levels. Seriously! But...seriously hilarious. (i was kinda embarrassed laughing my butt off like i did) Jake stole the show for sure!! Makes you wonder if he's had some prior experience there! Haha!

These boys crack me up! They have all been such good friends for the past four years and they are all great kids!
They are crazy and all but they are good kids. I am grateful for that!

Tony and I left shortly after the ummm...cake dance!
And I am so pleased that the party was a huge success! Tons of food, tons of good friends, Karaoke ( you shoulda heard them boys singing!), swimming, etc! The kids were having a great time and I am certain that without a doubt that exactly what Lauren wanted for Zachary has happened! He will look back with fond memories of his 18th birthday and know he had so many friends and family that loved him and were happy to be able to share that day with him!
And Lauren! Thanks sweetheart! We love you!

Friday, September 3, 2010

111 Degrees Today! What Did You Do With My Fall?

It's that time of year again! You know where I start to feel down. I 've reached the OK summer I am totally done with you. Go away now. Please.
I start longing to live somewhere beautiful again. Oh my gosh how I miss my flower gardens!
I miss the trees! And now~I keep thinking how right about now the nights are starting to get a chill to them! And in a few weeks the leaves will be turning those fabulous oranges, reds, and yellows that I love! Fall has always been my favorite time of year and I miss having one!
Temps in the lower 100s just ain't screaming fall to me! And take a look at these texts I got from my sweet friend Corrine yesterday!
These are pictures from her garden! She has the most amazing gardens! See that bench in her front yard? We would sit on it and talk. And laugh. And sometimes cry. I would admire her flowers. And she would give me gardening tips. And she would share with me her flowers.
She'd dig up some of the new growth on some of her flowers and give them to me to plant in my yard!
Every time I looked at my Johnny jump ups growing it would make me think of her! She is one of the most kind, fun people I have ever met. I am grateful to be able to call her my friend after all these years!
It was kinda bittersweet to get these yesterday.I smiled seeing how fabulous it looked this year. I could picture her in her big straw hat out early in the morning weeding.

Her message she sent with the pictures made me smile. It said '" A shady afternoon in my garden, wish you were enjoying with me, also the watermelon ice cream cake!
Sigh! I wanted to laugh and cry all at the same time! It painted such a lovely picture in my mind!

I talked to my husband about how much I am missing it so we booked a cabin in the mountains for a long weekend at the end of the month and I am hoping that helps me not feel so discouraged.
But I wonder~Am I the only one here that has a hard time with this? My Arizona friends~Don't you miss all this beauty? Don't you miss fall? Do you find yourself struggling not to get down over these things? I think it is one of the hardest things about living in Arizona!
And if you are fortunate to live somewhere beautiful, make sure you take some time to really appreciate it! I wish I had a little more when I had the chance!