Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Find time to Dream

Being able to have your personal identity in a family or relationship is important. When you get the airline speech before you take off they tell you "please place your air mask on first before helping your child"
So it is in life, unless you are ok you will not be in a place to help others. So helping Lauri find her "grove "is important to our family.  Life has away of taking that space and we all need personal space and time to grow. So knowing this we embarked on helping Lauri gain her creative space back in the office with a craft area. We bought a desk and built it, bought a storage shelf and then found most of her craft items so she could organize her space. This started the creative juices to flow and Pinterest soon followed, We built a pegboard organizer and after a few trip to the store to add he individual flare.... Lauri got her "Grove" back.

To Lauri... We love you!!!