Monday, March 29, 2010

Could It Really Be This Easy??

I had been trying for a weeks to potty train Ethan and I finally gave up. It made him crazy mad and I thought we'd just wait a while longer till he wanted to.

Well this past week the older kids kept yelling at him cause he was always taking off his pull ups and going naked around the house.

The other day I thought I had caught him him in the act. Strippin again. I quietly walked over to him and watched as he took the pull up off and kicked it across the room. I then followed him as he walked into the bathroom and stradled the toilet! He grunted a few times and said hmm I can't do it and got off the toilet! I scared the crap out of him(not literally) as I yelled and hugged him telling him how proud I was of him being a big boy! He told me to go away and he was NOT going to be a big boy!

Well the past three days he has been going into the bathroom and pooping on the toilet!!! If I try to help him or say anything at all he gets angry and tells me to go away, so I am just going with it and letting him do his thing. It has only gotten ugly once when the carnage I found all over the toilet seat about brought me to tears, but what the heck....he is potty training himself!

And guess what?? I realized tonight I have not changed a poopy diaper on him in two days! TWO!!!

WooHoo! Maybe I will be down to just one kid in a diaper soon!

Could it really be this easy?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break!

This year for spring break we decided to go to California again. The beach was calling my name! I am a little homesick and so I just had to go.
We rented the same beach house we stayed at in November. I love, love it! There is something amazing being able to wake up to the sound of the waves and watching dolphins while eating your breakfast!

My Yukon is no longer big enough to fit the whole family so we had to rent a 15 passenger van! Yeah baby, even bigger than the one we had before. But Zach brought two of his friends on the trip with us and I was worried about it being crowded with those big boys!

We even rent a uhaul to tow behind the car. Cause we bring so much crap and so we need the room! People were totally mocking me about the dang uhaul, but hey, I had the baby's swing, her exersaucer, her playpen, tons of luggage, kids toys etc. We brought all the comforts of home.So even though we were ridin ghetto it was awesome!

The boys were funny the whole ride there. They were having a dance off in the car. It was shakin like crazy! made me a little nervous. They kept everyone entertained and the drive went pretty quick.

We got to Cali early evening and stayed the night at mom's house since we couldn't check in till the afternoon the following day.

To kill time before leaving for the beach house Tony bet the boys some money if they would get in the pool! Idiots did it! FREEZING!!!!We had a good laugh over the girlish screams coming from them.Dumb and dumber right? Luckily they had the jacuzzi all heated and ready to go so they could warm up after and the little ones decided to get in with them!

The time finally came and we left and headed down to the house to check in! YEAH!!
I love everything about this place! Check out the view from the kitchen table! Does life get any better than this?
I could hardly wait to get my toes in the sand and pick up a good book. I swear I could feel the tension leave me as soon as we got there! Weird I know!
The vacation did not disappoint! I think it was the best vacation we've ever had!
I have lots more pics so I'll post more on it later.
man I miss California already!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Noooooo! Say It Isn't So!

One of my babies hates the beach. HATES it!! How could this have happened?

My Sweet 16 Girl!!

Attention all cute boys~ Miz Rachelle is now 16 and we are taking applications for the honor of taking her out on a date! lil Rach is old enough to date AND drive! Life has now become very, very scary around here folks!!

Rachelle is one of the sweetest girl's you will ever meet! She is so affectionate with me. I am not a really snuggly, feely kinda girl so I appreciate that she IS and she always has lots of hugs and kisses to give.

I enjoy spending time with her and talking. I am proud of the young woman she is becoming!

Rachelle!! I love you so much! I hope your birthday was wonderful!!

Mi Amore

For Valentine's day this year Zachary decided he and Lauren were going to make a special dinner together to celebrate!

She makes fabulous cookies,and brownies but she says she doesn't know how to cook. So they went online and looked up a recipe for Fettuccine Alfredo and then went shopping for everything. I gave them some ideas to tweak the recipe and I showed them
how to make some homemade french bread to go with it!

They were so cute cooking together! She is such a sweet girl.

Their dinner turned out fabulous and they were so pleased! It was fun to watch them together!