Monday, March 29, 2010

Could It Really Be This Easy??

I had been trying for a weeks to potty train Ethan and I finally gave up. It made him crazy mad and I thought we'd just wait a while longer till he wanted to.

Well this past week the older kids kept yelling at him cause he was always taking off his pull ups and going naked around the house.

The other day I thought I had caught him him in the act. Strippin again. I quietly walked over to him and watched as he took the pull up off and kicked it across the room. I then followed him as he walked into the bathroom and stradled the toilet! He grunted a few times and said hmm I can't do it and got off the toilet! I scared the crap out of him(not literally) as I yelled and hugged him telling him how proud I was of him being a big boy! He told me to go away and he was NOT going to be a big boy!

Well the past three days he has been going into the bathroom and pooping on the toilet!!! If I try to help him or say anything at all he gets angry and tells me to go away, so I am just going with it and letting him do his thing. It has only gotten ugly once when the carnage I found all over the toilet seat about brought me to tears, but what the heck....he is potty training himself!

And guess what?? I realized tonight I have not changed a poopy diaper on him in two days! TWO!!!

WooHoo! Maybe I will be down to just one kid in a diaper soon!

Could it really be this easy?


Kricket said...

That's so awesome! Aren't you glad you caught him in that moment in which he was trying to do it himself? So wonderful! Good job Ethan!

Shelli said...

What a funny kid! How exciting for you. Go Ethan!

RhondaLue said...

Yes! After training 4 kids I decided that the last two would train themselves. And they did when they were ready. It's so much better to just wait it out and let em do it themselves. LOL (or I'm just lazy but whatev)