Sunday, April 25, 2010

April Fool's Sucka!

Tony and I decided we needed to get a car for the teens to drive to help me out a little.
We looked and looked for just the right car. We wanted a good deal and a car that would last. We didn't really care what the car looked like. It just had to run good and for us to get it at a good price.
Zachary and Rachelle had ideas though. A jeep. A bronco. A truck. No girlie cars. Nothin wimpy. Cmon mom...everyone eles is driving something cool!
We showed them older accords, camry's,etc. And they would insist it wasn't good enough. So then I started threatening to buy them a Yugo (if I could find one! Plus it was always a dream of mine to buy one and TRICK IT OUT! You know can see it!!)or a sidekick, or somethin they'd really complain about!
But then we found a truck. A awesome truck. It was a salvage title. But it was perfectly restored. AND!only 38k miles! We took it to our mechanic and he told us if we decided not to buy it to let him know and he would buy it! It was in great shape mechanically. Plus~It was a smokin deal!
So we told the kids we were gonna buy it. And life was good. They were happy!
And on the day we went to pick up the truck the dealer found they hadn't finished the paperwork for the DMV. So they gave us a loaner car till they had the truck ready the next day!

So that night the kids came running out to meet us in the driveway to see their new truck! We told them we had rethought it and decided to buy something less expensive and the dealer gave us a killer deal on this little blue number! Plus it was blue! Mesquite Blue! You know like their school colors! So they could show everyone they have awesome school spirit!
Rachelle kept saying over and over "are you serious?" She said it was the worst day of her life.She had tears in her eyes!
And Zach? He said "great this car will go great with my vagina!" He also texted to Rachelle and his friends "I am livid mad in my own little world"
Imagine the fun Tony and I had for a while. Then the fun had to end and we were able to tell them APRIL FOOLS DAY SUCKA!!!!!

Love, Love it when I get them! Haha!

Getting Back At It myspace graphic comments

I'm tired alot lately and I don't know why. And I am moody.And basically in a bad mood.I need a attitude adjustment I think.And because I know this I have avoided blogging. Cause I know I am whiny and a downer and if you don't have nothin nice to say and all that crap....Plus who really wants to admit that they kinda suck at the moment! And I am not the kinda gal that will tell ya my life is perfect and so am I. I just can't do it. regular blogging!

But I miss my blog. I like having little pieces of our lives written down. I like being able to look back and laugh at certain things or marvel at how much so and so has changed. So I am going to try to get back to blogging again. And I promise I will try to keep my blitchin to a minimum. No promises though, cause I am ornery like that and even on a good day I am still kinda bitchy. But already knew that about me right?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm Obsessed

I've become obsessed with trying to make bread lately! Jannalee was sweet enough to teach me how to make some wheat bread. She even grinds her own wheat! It was pretty yummy and so much easier than I ever thought!

My hubby is a pain about eating wheat bread though! He is pretty picky. I have a recipe that they love of white bread, and then they always love the homemade french bread, but I need to find a recipe of wheat bread that he might like!
So if you have a recipe your family loves send it my way!

Also, Janny uses white wheat. Do you use red wheat and do you like it better?

Send me your suggestions! I am obsessed with perfecting bread making. Strange eh?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

I Love A Good Find!

I bought Adelynn this cute dress at Dillard's about three months ago!
I love it on her.
Then a few weeks ago Tony and I were in Burlington Coat Factory and Look what I found!! Screammmmm...Yeah! The same dress in the older girls sizes!
Cause I am kinda a freak about dressing them in matching clothes!
I bought one for Bailey and Grace. Hannah was being stubborn and said she wouldn't be caught dead in a dress matching her little sisters. I'm thinking maybe I should forced her to!

I wish they made them in Rachelle's size too! Bummer!

Friday, April 2, 2010

A Conversation With The Hubby

So I call Tony today at work and it goes something like this...

Me~ Hey Honey ( In my sexiest breathy voice)
Him~ What's up?
Me~ You need to come for work during your lunch break. I am wearing black lace panties, and a matching lace bra....
Him~ (Laughing by now) First off you know I am working in downtown Phoenix today in meetings all day so I can't come home.And second..the only reason you are wearing black lace panties and matching bra is cause you haven't done any laundry and have nothing left to wear!

Shoot! Busted! I guess I need to hurry and do some laundry now before he gets any ideas!!