Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Refrigerator

Well the old refrigerator died. After 3 times of being repaired this month and losing the food 3 times, we got a new french door Samsung. Out with the old in with the new.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nice Save!

Oh Hannah! How I worry. She has some friends that concern me! I do not like these girls. The girls in the ward just don't like her for some reason and since we moved here the only friends she has made are these two girls who live a street over. They are not nice. Hitting Bailey, threatening her if she doesn't give them money, they lie to me, sneak around, have really foul mouths (think F~bomb!)and I just don't feel comfortable with them! I now feel like I want to make sure when we move we choose a area where Hannah will be in a new school a new ward and a new chance to make good friends. I am really worried about her. I felt like 5Th and for sure 6Th grade is really the age that the friendships you make carry over to Jr high and high school.Anyhow, woke up this morning to these girls being in the house early this morning. Ugh! I told them to leave and I went back upstairs. Guess what? They came back in. Sneaky. Hannah and these girls. Ugh I don't like them. Did this twice! Yep, twice!

Ran them off again, Hannah and I had a nice argument over them.Good morning!

Our fridge has broke down 3 times now.Yesterday the repairman promised it was fixed and I was able to work on cleaning the melted mess out of the freezer and mopping the floor.It took 5 times mopping to get the melted Popsicles off the floor and all their sticky glory! still a little sticky. Not sure what to do!

Went to get Ethan a bottle and found the stinkin thing was broken AGAIN! ugh! Food is melted again. Ruined. For the 4Th time! I was so irritated!

Went to get Ethan to give his bottle and find him in the cat litter! Sick! Do not pull a JR on me boy!(OK, Dani, just had to say that to lighten my mood! Do you want to beat me?)

So Here I am frustrated and it is not even 8:30.

The doorbell rings and I think "Oh my heck! I am going to kill those rotten little pigs I swear! How many times do I gotta chase them off?"So I yell at Hannah to get the door and to my surprise she tells me it's for me. I'm thinkin what now?

OH!! Lori L Kendall is at my door with a big smile on her face and two loaves of hot homemade bread! How nice is that! I thanked her and told her what a foul mood I am in and thanked her for the bread! Told her just what I needed to get back on track today!

What a kind thing to do!

So she left and I am thinking I need to turn this day around.Here is my fresh start. So I am just going to let this all go! I am going to read my scriptures, say my prayers, get everyone dressed and get out of the house!

Thanks Lori! I think you might have made my day! Nice save!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Any Takers?

I was at Deseret Book last night and was talking with the guy working there. He was telling me about the Time out for Women and girls. I had never heard of it so I asked him to explain what it was. He said the organizers of education week picked out some of their best speakers and are touring together. It is November 8 from 9:00am-3:00pm at the Phoenix Civic Plaza.
I'm thinking I want to go and wanted to see if anyone Else wants to go! I might even bring Rachelle since it is for Women and girls 12 and over! I used to go to Education week with some girlfriends when we lived in Utah and I loved it. I didn't love having to race to the most popular classes as fast as I could to make sure it didn't fill up before I got there! SO..this is better! No racing!
Also, on the web site it has some great devotionals by some of my favs like Mary Ellen Edmunds and Cherie Call!Here the link if you are interested
Anyhow, if there are any takers. let me know. We probably need to get the tickets by Oct 8. They say it sells out every year!
Oh, on the 7Th is Time out for couples also. I'm making Tony go to that too!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Is This Weird?

OK I have a weird obsession with keeping my pantry stocked to the brim! I don't just want to have enough for meals or a week but I want it full to the brim with things I like or use alot!

There are certain items that I must have at all times. Not just a few of these items, but huge stacks of them! Diapers, toilet paper, paper towels, wet wipes, toothpaste, milk, and bread!

The rub for me is that once I manage to get it stocked up it seems as if something happens and my funds get low so I use what I have on hand and then my stock pile diminishes! Talk about stress around here folks!

I even joined a coupon type club called the grocery game. It helps me keep track of what the best sales are so that I can stockpile when the prices are rock bottom! On their website they have message boards. One of my favorite things to look at on the message boards is pictures people post of their pantry's after they have stocked them!I knew that my obsession had reached a new level when I had spent several hours admiring others pantries and thinking of ways to get mine up to par. I had to crack up when one woman commented that this is like porn to her. Yep, pantry porn! Yeah! I have found my people at last! The pantry porn worked for me too. Finally something that gets me excited!

Most people already know this about me, but I love to buy scratchers! I buy $1.00 scratchers and sometimes when I am living large and dangerously I will even buy $2.00 ones!
Tony hardly ever buys a scratcher. They irritate him. He thinks they are a waste of money! However sometimes when he is with me he will buy a scratcher. he doesn't go cheap, he goes big! Yep, $5.oo scratchers and once even a $10.00 one! Well Saturday I went into circle K to buy my soda and a $1.00 scratcher and Omar (employee) talked me into going big and I bought a $5.00 scratcher! Yikes! BUT.....I won! And I won Big!!! $100.00! WoooHooo!
So, do I buy a outfit for myself? Umm Nope! Do I use it to go to the movies and dinner with my husband? Of course not! What do I do? I keep it on the down low Don't say a word to anyone and sneak off to Sam's club! Yep! I spent all of it! I bought paper towels, toilet paper,milk, bread, and diapers! Ahhh....all is right with my world once again!

Is this weird?

****Disclaimer**** Looks like several people think this is my pantry. Mine is not as spectacular! This is just some pantry porn I found! Don't you love looking at it? I want it too!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

52 Blessings Project~Week 34

This Week I Am Grateful For~ New Glasses!

I have been in dire need of a new pair of glasses and so has Rachelle. And Hannah broke hers again (this is the 4th time!) And I have been meaning to take care of this. You know, one more thing on my to do list! So I got on the ball and Rachelle and I went Friday to pick out some new ones and yesterday I took Hannah's in to be fixed!
We are so excited! As you can see, it doesn't take much to excite us!

Here's Rachelle in her new pair! you can tell she really likes them! She is super excited! Plus, just being able to actually see is a huge plus!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Am I On To Something Here? And Other Random Thoughts!

Hey thanks for the compliments that I looked nice! It is one of my fav shirts! Know why? It gives the illusion I actually have boobs! Not bad eh?

Well, Ethan has been sick this past week and I have come to deeper understanding of the phrase "Survival of the fittest!" I think he thinks he can outlast, out maneuver me!That boy has learned to throw fits unlike anything I have ever seen! How can this be when he is only 14 months old? The worst part is he throws himself down over and over. The first time he did this he hit his head hard on the kitchen floor. The next fit that same day came when he threw himself against me as hard as he could and his teeth cut his lip when he hit my knee. The third and worst fit of the day came when he was on the stairs with Tony. They were on the landing in the middle of the stairs. Tony was vacuuming and Ethan saw me below in the living room and started crying. I called to him telling him to come see me and he threw himself down crying. And proceeded to roll down the stairs. Hitting every single stair as he tumbled. And hit his forehead on the floor when he hit the bottom! Ughh. Help!
Now I have to come to a theory that man has that primal animal instinct more than we realize. See I think it was like the others smelt weakness! I was doomed! I soon became prey. You know like a shark smelling blood in the water? They were on to me! Bailey and Grace were all over it.They had to get into the mix. Fits, fighting, and basically on a mission to destroy!
I even tried calming Grace by giving her a shower with me. She scream the entire time to stop getting her wet. Umm right! Once she started with the crying and fighting she was uncontrollable! They are out to get me! See...doomed!
I was beginning to think the only option was to tie a big ol slab of meat around their necks, head to the zoo, and tempt fate! OK, not really but I was in desperate need to turn this train around! And~boy was I exhausted and frustrated!I have been totally wiped out this past week!
Today I have been lazy as can be and it is delightful! I have been unbelievably tired. Crazy tired. So today Tony got up early and took Zachary to football pictures at 7 am and let me sleep. Even when he got home and Ethan woke up and he took him! Then when the girls woke up he took them and let me continue sleeping! WOW! I am a bit embarrassed to admit but I stayed in bed so long the girls came up to take a nap with me! I didn't get out of bed till ......12:30!!!! Cool! make this day even better, Tony cleaned the office perfectly! And Zachary did the kitchen~perfect! And Rachelle came home and did the toy room~once again perfect!!!!
Yeah! My bad week was becoming a distant memory!
My husband and kids are good to me even though they sometimes torture me too! Tony had made sure that the house got clean and I got a much needed break! Nice!

Well after I got up out of bed today and drove Zach to a friends then picked up Rachelle I came in to sit and watch TV with Tony. He was laying on the floor and I was on the couch. I got on the floor with him and snuggled into him. He looks at me and says you're just horny cause I cleaned your house! I told him there is nothing sexier than a man cleaning! It can be like foreplay! We had a good laugh, but as the day has gone on I have found myself laughing thinking Hmm, maybe I'm on to something here! I'm always looking for good ways to get people to clean around here.

Ha ha! Lucky me, I got a freebie today know cleaning that is!

I was able to get my room clean again (it's my third attempt this week) and the upstairs hallways done. I wasn't a complete slug today!

I feel at peace today. I feel content. I am happy! And I really really appreciate having a great day when after my week hasn't been so great!

(Lauri your thought process is flawed. I was too tired to fall for your woman skills)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Football Fun!

Yeah!!! Football season is here again! We love football around here. Going to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the games on the big screens, having friends over to watch the games, Super bowl parties, and the best part? Going to Zachary's games!

Zach has played football for 7 years now! When he started I was so worried he wouldn't be able to handle getting hit. I thought what if he isn't tuff enough! Boy~ Was I wrong. He took to it like a duck to water! He actually likes it!

Zachary is playing again this year for Mesquite High and tonight they had their annual jersey night. All the players families come and the boys have a scrimmage game. First the freshman, then the JV, then the Varsity.

Even though it was freakin hot outside (110) it was fun to watch! I bought Bailey and Grace a lollipop, some water, and some pompoms to keep them busy! It did the trick! They had a great time even though they were sweatin like pigs!

After the game all the players lined up on the field and their parents stood on the other side of the field. When they called your sons name, you came on the field and presented him with his jersey. Zach was cracking up when he saw the girls waving pompoms at him from across the field. He had to point them out to his friends. Nice, a sweet side to teenage butthole itis!

We had a great time and it has gotten me really excited for all the games to start!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Nice Surprise

How awesome is this? I was surfin the blogs late last night and I read on Crazy Mama she gave me a award! What she wrote was so nice!
Here is what she wrote~ Lori keeps it real. she tells it like it is. and i think she is awesome in real life and on the blog. i feel a special bond to her. we have a ton in common. crazy mamas , lots of kids. i like to read her blog she makes me feel normal. she is even brave enough to go to lunch with me MORE THAN ONE TIME! i know! BRAVE!

If you haven't checked out her blog you should. She is the queen of keeping it real. I like that I see her post about something that is similar to what I am going through and it gives me strength and hope! We have a freakishly large amount of things in common! We always have a good laugh over the perils of raising 6 kids! Whew...I am not the only one who can be a hot mess trying to contain the chaos!
Thanks Julie~You are the BOMB!
I'll think about it a bit then I'll pass on the love award! I also have a Rad award from her that I will pass on too.Cool my first blogging award! Thanks!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In Search Of Bigfoot

My husband loves to watch shows on TV that drive me crazy. You know the ones... the ones you find on the discovery channel and the Sci Fi channel. I of course do not share his enthusiasm for these shows. In fact I think when he asked if I wanted to watch a show on Big Foot with him on the Sci FI channel, I suddenly remembered I am feeling bloated, and thought I might enjoy a good enema over that show. Shoot! Bummer for me having to choose between those two exciting options of how I was going to spend my evening! I was just going to have to miss it!
Well, A few weeks ago Tony was once again watching one of his quality mind numbing, highly scientific shows on Big Foot again.Since I was a unwilling participant to the viewing pleasure, he enlisted Bailey and Grace to keep him company. Wow, talk about sharing the love around here. These are his girls through and through. The girls are hooked. Tony has had to Tivo all shows on Bigfoot, we have had to watch messing with Sasquatch about 100 times and all the different episodes of them, and we have had to look at countless pictures of them on the Internet.
When we were in the White mountains, It was probably one of the most terrifying things for Bailey (up until her very life was in jeopardy as she had to pee in the outhouse!) to see the trees and and to think that Bigfoot probably lives there.
It drove me crazy! Is that Bigfoot mom? I can't walk, Bigfoot is going to kill me, Do you think we'll find a dead dear Bigfoot killed?I think Bigfoot is nice. Etc..etc..
Well it's crazy but the obsession has continued! The girls talk about Bigfoot everyday! Not just once, but over, and over, and over (I'm feeling the need for another enema here folks) For bed time stories they make Tony tell them the story of the bad Bigfoot and then a story about a good baby Bigfoot!
Well, to add fuel to the fire, this new Bigfoot hoax came up.It was like Christmas morning around here on the news whenever the photos were shown.
SHEESH!! Have mercy please!! I am on Bigfoot overload here!
Anyhow, I am hoping to distract the girls into moving on and am hoping to find a show about a giant murderous locness monster, or a show on the legend of Bigfart.Here is a description I found about BigFart. I swear, it's real people!
"Sure, the photo's a bit grainy like so many other cryptic pictures, but Josh says there's a damn good reason for that. Bigfart hit him with his legendary stench just as Josh took his picture with his cell phone. If you look closely at the snap, you'll see Bigfart does have a guilty look on his face, as if he'd just "cut the proverbial cheese."

For those of you Bigfoot loving people out there, take a look at Bailey and Grace's all time favorite Bigfoot video.Not sure they even got the humor until Zach clued them in, Now it's the fav! Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hannah My Birthday Girl!

Today Hannah Turned 10! Crazy!!

Here are some of the things that we love about Hannah

Bailey said ~ She's happy

Grace~She Play's with me

Dad~ She's always willing to help. She's been sweet ever since she was a baby.

Zachary~She's a goofball, entertaining,and outgoing

Mom~ She has such a kind side to her. She is kind to her little sisters playing with them to keep them busy for me, She's kind to her baby brother,to her animals, and to all her friends. Everyone knows how much she loves them.

Rachelle~She has a good sense of humor. She is always cracking jokes. She's fun to be around.
We love her and are so glad she is
part of our forever family!

She is going to have her official party next week but for today to celebrate I brought cupcakes to her class at school. You can tell by the look on her face she is mortified that I am taking a picture of her as everyone sings to her!
We had dinner then opened a few presents. Low key for now! She wanted a Walkman and Cd's for her present. Easy. I am debating getting her a cell phone too. Maybe..It's only 9.99 a month to add her and she has been begging me for years. I'll have to think about that one for a bit. I have till next decide!

Happy Birthday Sweet Hannah!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Question On Religion

So as I have announced to the entire world in a moment of weakness..stupidity..whatever..I am having a hard time here. So I am going to the Dr ,taking medication and trying to feel better. I have spoken with the bishop and he gave me a good book to read on Grace And works. The atonement. And I am reading a talk by Richard G Scott. And my mother in law has brought this up. Turn it over to Christ she tells me. Allow the atonement to work.Do we Suffer needlessly because we don't turn our hearts over to the healing power of the Lord?

So, what exactly does that mean? Christ died for us. He has felt my suffering and pain. He atoned for it.He has promised us “I will … ease the burdens which are put upon your shoulders, that … you cannot feel them … ; and this will I do … that ye may know of a surety that I, the Lord God, do visit my people in their afflictions.”

While this is a comforting thought I ask what does it mean exactly to allow the atonement to work for me? Is it faith?

I am praying. I have begun to read the scriptures. I have decided to try to live a life that is more in harmony with his teachings. I recognize I need to turn to him always, just not in times of trials. However these trials have focused me on these shortcomings. I need peace, and Christ can bring that for me. Through the power of the atonement He can heal me. I feel stupid asking but, how? What exactly am I supposed to be doing? Catholics, Christians, Protestants, we all believe in the same thing that Christ atoned for our sins and we can be healed through it. So if everyone gets it, why don't I?

I feel really, really stupid asking this, however I know many family members and friends have strong testimonies of this so I needed to ask what your thoughts are on this!

If He Only Had A Brain

Last night I was in the kitchen with Zachary and Rachelle. Zach was doing the dishes, Rachelle was cleaning the counters and I was cooking two separate meals. A friend was having a baby and I was bringing her family dinner. Tony thought what I was cooking the family was not nice enough, so I ended up making two different meals.
Ethan was being a pill, getting into the dishwasher, hugging my leg crying wanting to be picked up (I was frying and didn't want him to get burned from a pop) and getting into the trash.
I asked Zach to take Ethan upstairs to Tony so he could watch him until we were done.
Tony sent the baby back downstairs with a message for me. He told Zach to tell me he wouldn't watch the baby and for me to "DO MY JOB!"
Ummm right.

I bet those of you who know me know that went over about as good as a fart in church. Stupid man. What was he thinking?
Still not talking to him!

Read comment number 13 it was an unlucky number. Tony

Sunday, August 17, 2008

52 Blessings Project ~ Week 33

This Week I Am Grateful~ That my girls are safe!!

After such a awful scare this past week, I have been feeling so grateful that Bailey and Grace are safe. I adore them so much. They are so funny, and wild, and sweet, and ornery, and crazy, and snuggly, and I love having them as part of our family. I feel blessed to be called their mother!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's Getting To Be That Time!

It's official~ I am sick of summer! I am wanting the heat to be over! I want fall!! I am feeling a little sad that there is not going to be a fabulous chill in the air and leaves turning spectacular colors!
Oh how I am going to miss a real fall.
One thing I do love in fall that Arizona will have is Halloween! We love it!
For years now I have made Halloween costumes for my kids. It is a pain in the butt and some years they turn out better than others! We have made a princess, a rabbit, a flower, a skunk, a ninja, a lion,a witch, a vampy vampire,( that a word?),and a chicken!

I was debating making them this year. Then Grace found the head to the skunk costume I made for Bailey three years ago and was wearing it around. It has been a favorite costume and later dress up item for the girls! I love seeing them wearing it and I always think Dang that costume turned out pretty good! There is a sense of satisfaction I have when I make the costumes and see them wearing them for Halloween!

I have decided to make a few this year too. I think I am going to make Ethan the Lion costume that I had made for Zachary when he was a baby.I had loaned the costume to a friend one year and she refused to return it! Weird eh? That was the end of the friendship! Sad...over a costume! I guess it IS pretty fabulous! The stinking thing took me forever to finish. In fact I was sewing on the ribbons for the mane frantically trying to be finished in time for trunk or treat that night!

I bought a pattern of a ladybug for Grace and Bailey last year but Bailey wanted to be a princess in the end and I hated making Rachelle's princess costume! It was the worst one by far. So I bought bailey's costume and made Grace a chicken. Now I have all the material for a ladybug and the pattern and I am going to do it. Hopefully it will turn out cute. I'm thinking if I do something I love about fall maybe I'll not think about the things I am going to miss about it too!

Glad Grace found the costume and gave me the idea of a project to do!
Do you buy your kids costumes? Is it worth the effort to make them?
Do you love that feeling when you do make them and they turn out cute?
Dani is the queen of costumes. She puts me to shame. She sucks. Ok, she really rocks but I do hate that she is better than me!
Maybe I'll get started today!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sick, Sick Scary!

Like I posted earlier, I had changed the sheets on my bed and was cleaning. Grace hopped under the covers of my clean sheets a while later and spilled her glass of strawberry milk all over the bed! I asked Bailey and her to go downstairs to watch cartoons while I changed the sheets again.
First I changed Ethan's diaper and put him to bed for a nap then I started on the bed again. When I was finished Tony called and I was talking to him for a bit. He asked me to bring him lunch at work. So I got off the phone and called the girls upstairs so I could get them dressed again.
Nobody answered when I called their names. I had a awful thought as my stomach dropped. I felt sick and thought what if they got outside and drowned in the pool! So I stood still and listened and sure enough I heard Bailey outside they had gotten out but were OK. Whew, just my mind playing tricks on me
I opened my window and yelled at them to get upstairs NOW!
They came upstairs with grace sobbing. The girls were both in their swimsuits and they were wet. Grace had boogers all over her face. Bailey told me they hopped in the pool and Grace was drowning! She said she got on Ethan's floatie and pulled Grace out! She said she saved her from drowning!
I thought I was going to puke. I have been crying off and on today. I know they are OK and it could have been tragic. It is the scariest feeling ever. I just keep saying a prayer of thanks that my little girl is OK. I am so, so grateful Bailey was able to pull her out. I want desperately to move to a house that has no pool or a fence that is dead bolted. Our landlord didn't want us to put a pool fence up saying the special door on the back is too hard for little ones to open. Guess she didn't think about them going through the garage to get to the backyard!
I think this will stick with me for awhile. I keep snuggling my two girls.Gracie is laying with her head on my leg as I am typing this and she is giggling because she is singing the song from my playlist. I love her so much. I am just so grateful she is OK! I think I'll be thanking my Heavenly Father that she is safe over and over.

I Think I Need To Chill

Tony and I went out to dinner last night and he was telling me I just need to chill. He thinks I let things get to me too much ( messy house, kids fighting, My ex,money, moving etc.) I told him I'm not sure that's possible. I've always been a worrier. Since I was a little girl. I don't like the unknown and I don't like feeling out of control. You just know that if you don't get a grip now you're a goner!
So we had a long discussion about this and I thought about it all night. I thought OK, I have to worry cause he doesn't. If I don't get upset at the house being a disaster and no one helping me..It's not going to get done. If I don't get on my ex, no money will come. If I don't figure out how and where to move it's not going to happen! See...I was still worrying and not letting it go.
Well today I was busting out my room. Changing the sheets, picking up laundry and getting toys out of my room. I heard Grace scream at the top of her lungs and so I ran into her room to see what the emergency was. She put her hand on her hip and said "OH MY GOSH! look at Ethan's bed! I just cleaned it and someone has messed it up. I am so angry!" She then showed me a spot on the bumper of his bed. Probably spit up or a spill from a bottle. I told her It's no big deal and I would fix it.
Went back into my room and she followed. Picked up a black and white photo of herself and once again screams! She says "I can't believe this It's disgusting! Look at all the germs on this picture of me! I am so mad!"

OK, OK, I get it...I really, really get it! I need to chill!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Decision Time!

Our landlord emailed yesterday to let us know she wanted to put the house on the market in October. She offered us a discount for having the house listed while we lived here and a bonus if the house sold.
Wow. I am so unsure what to do! I can't stand the thought of having people coming through my house, having to have it ready to show~for how long? 6 months? a year? that is a stressful thought. I have trouble keeping my house clean and I think it would be more frustrating.
So~ I actually had been looking at houses for rent before she even told us this. I know I don't want to live here. Too many things have broken and Tony has had to fix them and I just haven't liked being here. The house was filthy when we moved in and I still feel as if I haven't gotten it totally clean.
So, I have been praying and trying to find peace. To be content with where I was at. I thought we had to be here for at least another year. But this changes things. Is it a answer to my prayers? I know I will have to move is just up to me if it is going to be sooner rather than later.
So here I am stressing. Wondering what to do? Look for a new place? Move right away(which is what I want to do)?
I want to make the right decision for my kids. Be where our family is meant to be. I can't deny that I prayed like crazy before we moved here and I knew this was where we were supposed to be. I want my kids to have good friends that hold the same beliefs we do. I think in a day and age with so much temptation and peer pressure having good friends that hold the same values as you do is key.
So..the dilemma rages on.. to move or not?
Am I where I need to be at to hear the answers? Is this an answer to my prayers or just wishful thinking? Maybe the indecision is the answer!I guess I will keep praying and trying to make the right choice for our family. It's strange when my kids are involved I stress so much about doing what is best for them. I just need to relax. I have the time.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Dirty Deadbeat Dog!

OK, this post is probably not going to be nice and I am just venting so be forewarned~You may just want to stop reading this now!

So Zach and Rachelle got back from visiting with there dad a week ago and it has gotten me pissed. See my ex has been a deadbeat or a barely paying deadbeat ever since we have divorced. He didn't pay me anything for years and once I got pissed and threatened him he has been paying $200 sporadically.He NEVER pays what he is supposed to and he has NEVER carried the insurance he was ordered to. When we went to court my lawyer didn't file the paperwork with the courts so I don't have a copy of the order to go after him and he knows it!

Rachelle just asked him to pay for a pair of glasses for her. Our insurance pays for the exam and part of the glasses he just has to pay the balance and Zach asked if he could help him buy a car (he proposed he will pay, we will , and his dad will) and the dirty dog refused to help! He won't help with braces, or Rachelle getting a replacement phone since hers broke! He won't help with football fees, or cleats, or school fees! He wants all the benefits of being dad (Disneyland dad) and none of the hard stuff. He sucks!

So anyhow the kids were telling me how well he is doing and how he has 3 different cars now. Trying to sell 2 of them.He buys them and guns for fun. Spent tons on guns. Right, can't help my daughter buy glasses so she can see, but what the heck..I need a new shotgun. Oh, and I don't even hunt!

So, I am kind of pissed right now. He didn't want to pay me anything last month cause the kids were coming for a week and we got in a big fight when I pointed out he doesn't even pay me the $500 he is supposed to and that if he doesn't pay at least $200 I am not going to send them.

When we got divorced my attorney did not file the paperwork with the courts. Although we were divorced the only record of it is in the court minutes and it takes lots of time and money to locate it and file. So I have no order to go after him through the state and he knows it!

So...What to do? I have let this slide for 13 years now. He owes me thousands of dollars and he has been a butthead. I am tempted to unleash my anger on him I swear.

So I am thinking if I can't get him to pay financially Maybe I need to find other ways to make him pay. Here are a few I thought might be affective!

1. I am going to go down to 7-11 and get all those magazine subscription cards out of them subscribe him to as many magazines as I can and mark the bill me box

2.Have a accomplice go to his house and toss a dead fish under his seat in the car

3. Place popcorn kernels in his tailpipe along with some cooking oil. Idiot will leave a trail of popcorn behind him!

4.Take out a bulletin board along the freeway with his picture on it..have you seen me? #1 deadbeat dad!

5. Contact the local KKK office and get as many KKK pride bumper stickers as I can and decorate his car with them

6. Look in swingers magazines for homo prostitutes or "masseurs" that make house calls and send them to his house

7. Call the local police and give them a "tip" that I have become aware of my good friend trafficking drugs in his car and that they are "well" hidden

8.Call a local landscaping company, and have them bring a few tons of granite rocks to his house, and re-landscape his front yard while he's at work. Have them rip up the current grass or whatnot, and dump rocks there

9. Periodically call taxi and limo services to his house. Not only will he have to deal with pissed off drivers who aren't going to make any money for the drive, he will eventually get flagged in their databases as someone who has ditched cabs in the past.

10.Use anti-freeze on grass. Spell out dead beat lives here or pour antifreeze all over, so he will wonder why his grass is dying off in spots.

11.Cover his lawn in shredded newspaper, then douse it with water. Picking it up will take him days.

12.Go all around his neighborhood and steal all the 'for sale' signs (realty, yard sale), and cover his front lawn with them.

So~ As you can see I think I have something here! I might need to enlist the help of family and friends in his area for this covert mission but I think they would enjoy it as much as I would!

He told me after we got divorced that he was surprised in court to actually see me stand up for myself! Hmm.. I don't think I have that problem anymore. Stupid , Stupid boy.He doesn't pay..I want to make him pay~ Just not financially!

Freakin Dirty Deadbeat Dog

"If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? and if you wrong us, shall we not revenge?"
- William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice

Ps ~ Lighten up!! I'm not really going to do these things... I just like to think about mean things I could do to make his life not so nice since he has caused me 13 years of frustration. I have a mean streak and the thought of doing these things gives me a giggle!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Morbid Fascination!

Hannah's older cat Oliver is a avid hunter! He loves to be outside and quite often he uses that time to hunt. He loves to catch birds and put them on our front porch to show us!

Well yesterday Oliver decided to dismember the poor bird. Bailey and Gracie were delighted to see just the bird's head! No body, nothing, just the head. Sick, sick. They had it in a paper towel and were carrying it around until we made them flush it.

A little later I was finding feathers in the kitchen, in the family room,etc.. The girls told me they had found the poor birdie's feathers. I begged them to leave it alone~ the bird would give them a disease! We gave them a bath and thought we were done.

I thought for sure I had scared them into leaving it alone! Wrong!! They were trying to sneak something in from the garage. I asked what it was and they told me "nothing, just a stupid scorpion, you don't need to see it mom." Yikes! So of course I made them show me.. They had gone outside and found bits and pieces of the bird. The latest find was this delightful foot!

I feel sick! Yuck! I am just hoping there are no pieces left to discover!