Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Decision Time!

Our landlord emailed yesterday to let us know she wanted to put the house on the market in October. She offered us a discount for having the house listed while we lived here and a bonus if the house sold.
Wow. I am so unsure what to do! I can't stand the thought of having people coming through my house, having to have it ready to show~for how long? 6 months? a year? that is a stressful thought. I have trouble keeping my house clean and I think it would be more frustrating.
So~ I actually had been looking at houses for rent before she even told us this. I know I don't want to live here. Too many things have broken and Tony has had to fix them and I just haven't liked being here. The house was filthy when we moved in and I still feel as if I haven't gotten it totally clean.
So, I have been praying and trying to find peace. To be content with where I was at. I thought we had to be here for at least another year. But this changes things. Is it a answer to my prayers? I know I will have to move eventually...it is just up to me if it is going to be sooner rather than later.
So here I am stressing. Wondering what to do? Look for a new place? Move right away(which is what I want to do)?
I want to make the right decision for my kids. Be where our family is meant to be. I can't deny that I prayed like crazy before we moved here and I knew this was where we were supposed to be. I want my kids to have good friends that hold the same beliefs we do. I think in a day and age with so much temptation and peer pressure having good friends that hold the same values as you do is key.
So..the dilemma rages on.. to move or not?
Am I where I need to be at to hear the answers? Is this an answer to my prayers or just wishful thinking? Maybe the indecision is the answer!I guess I will keep praying and trying to make the right choice for our family. It's strange when my kids are involved I stress so much about doing what is best for them. I just need to relax. I have the time.



The answer will come eventually. It is hard to make decisions when they are so emotional. I had the same struggle with moving all the way across the country to VA. You will know what to do and you will be blessed for doing it.

Crazymamaof6 said...

good luck with the tough choices ahead. i couldn't imagine having the house ready all the time to show,I'd totally go nuts.
are there more rentals in your area? what about your kids? do you like their current friends or would a change be a good thing? you should visit the wards you are looking in and see how you feel? really welcome and happy with the youth there?? or not. hard choices. and I'm sure you'll get an answer. things tend to work out when you need them to. stuff either falls into place or it doesn't right?

raising4boys said...

I've been there. We just decided to take our house off the market, after 11 long months, because we couldn't sell it.

I really wanted to move but maybe I'm suppose to be here longer. It's so hard for me to make big decisions like that too. It's all in the Lord's hands.

goingsome said...

Tough choices. I don't know what I would do. I remember when we sold our old house, it was such a pain. We had to clean EVERY night, beacuase you don't know when buyers are going to want to look, and it only takes 1 interested buyer. Fortunately it only took 3 weeks to sell the house, but what an ordeal. Girl give it some time and the answer will come. I would try to stay in the same area, in order to avoid transferring the children or having to shuttle them even further to school and church. Good luck.

pam said...

At least you have the decision to make and they didn't give you a time limit. It will all work out.
Don't stress.

Jenifer said...

Well, I would hate to lose you! What a tough decision. I hate trying to discern the answer, it has always been really hard for me. Hope you are feeling good. Good luck!