Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In Search Of Bigfoot

My husband loves to watch shows on TV that drive me crazy. You know the ones... the ones you find on the discovery channel and the Sci Fi channel. I of course do not share his enthusiasm for these shows. In fact I think when he asked if I wanted to watch a show on Big Foot with him on the Sci FI channel, I suddenly remembered I am feeling bloated, and thought I might enjoy a good enema over that show. Shoot! Bummer for me having to choose between those two exciting options of how I was going to spend my evening! I was just going to have to miss it!
Well, A few weeks ago Tony was once again watching one of his quality mind numbing, highly scientific shows on Big Foot again.Since I was a unwilling participant to the viewing pleasure, he enlisted Bailey and Grace to keep him company. Wow, talk about sharing the love around here. These are his girls through and through. The girls are hooked. Tony has had to Tivo all shows on Bigfoot, we have had to watch messing with Sasquatch about 100 times and all the different episodes of them, and we have had to look at countless pictures of them on the Internet.
When we were in the White mountains, It was probably one of the most terrifying things for Bailey (up until her very life was in jeopardy as she had to pee in the outhouse!) to see the trees and and to think that Bigfoot probably lives there.
It drove me crazy! Is that Bigfoot mom? I can't walk, Bigfoot is going to kill me, Do you think we'll find a dead dear Bigfoot killed?I think Bigfoot is nice. Etc..etc..
Well it's crazy but the obsession has continued! The girls talk about Bigfoot everyday! Not just once, but over, and over, and over (I'm feeling the need for another enema here folks) For bed time stories they make Tony tell them the story of the bad Bigfoot and then a story about a good baby Bigfoot!
Well, to add fuel to the fire, this new Bigfoot hoax came up.It was like Christmas morning around here on the news whenever the photos were shown.
SHEESH!! Have mercy please!! I am on Bigfoot overload here!
Anyhow, I am hoping to distract the girls into moving on and am hoping to find a show about a giant murderous locness monster, or a show on the legend of Bigfart.Here is a description I found about BigFart. I swear, it's real people!
"Sure, the photo's a bit grainy like so many other cryptic pictures, but Josh says there's a damn good reason for that. Bigfart hit him with his legendary stench just as Josh took his picture with his cell phone. If you look closely at the snap, you'll see Bigfart does have a guilty look on his face, as if he'd just "cut the proverbial cheese."

For those of you Bigfoot loving people out there, take a look at Bailey and Grace's all time favorite Bigfoot video.Not sure they even got the humor until Zach clued them in, Now it's the fav! Enjoy!


W. Vidal said...

All I can think about the entire time I read that post was: I remember when dad would come up to our tent when we would camp, and roar like Big Foot, shaking it vigorously. Or tell us that every sound we heard was Big Foot coming for us. Or telling us that he once saw a werewolf outside the window of Nana Isa and Wally Da's basement when he was a kid.

Big Foot? Try Big Fish.

David Gerard said...

But how could anyone have ever doubted those guys? They just radiated trust. I'm sure the Bigfoot species really has rubbery skin.


I think that they should be glad that they don't sleep with mom while camping. Remember when we thought we heard a bear while camping at the beach? We were terrified until we woke mom up and realized it was just her snoring!

Emma loves Goosebumps movies. They scare her to death but she delights in it. I just think they are doing the equivalent of watching "I am Legend" for adults. Man, that is the scariest movie I have ever watched!

Cheffie-Mom said...

How funny! I think it is really cute that your girls are Big Foot fans! LOL! I love this commercial, it cracks me up!

Shelli said...

Too funny! I'm going to have to share that video with Rom. Maybe I'll get him to share the Elephant video with you. You're one of the few people I know who would appreciate it!

Britta said...

Funny, funny. You should have a BigFart party!

Ginger said...

So funny! Best laugh of the day.

Jenifer said...

Nasty! I like the one where they pretend they will let him in the car and they drive forward a couple of feet.:)

Lori ~ LL-K said...

I feel for you! Loren love those show too!! AND I HATE THEM!!! Opps. I said hate!!(I was informed that hate is a bad word by my preschoolers the other day!) I guess, The reason I don't like these shows is because I see no point in them and who really cares!! So... I honest do feel for you!!