Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's Getting To Be That Time!

It's official~ I am sick of summer! I am wanting the heat to be over! I want fall!! I am feeling a little sad that there is not going to be a fabulous chill in the air and leaves turning spectacular colors!
Oh how I am going to miss a real fall.
One thing I do love in fall that Arizona will have is Halloween! We love it!
For years now I have made Halloween costumes for my kids. It is a pain in the butt and some years they turn out better than others! We have made a princess, a rabbit, a flower, a skunk, a ninja, a lion,a witch, a vampy vampire,( that a word?),and a chicken!

I was debating making them this year. Then Grace found the head to the skunk costume I made for Bailey three years ago and was wearing it around. It has been a favorite costume and later dress up item for the girls! I love seeing them wearing it and I always think Dang that costume turned out pretty good! There is a sense of satisfaction I have when I make the costumes and see them wearing them for Halloween!

I have decided to make a few this year too. I think I am going to make Ethan the Lion costume that I had made for Zachary when he was a baby.I had loaned the costume to a friend one year and she refused to return it! Weird eh? That was the end of the friendship! Sad...over a costume! I guess it IS pretty fabulous! The stinking thing took me forever to finish. In fact I was sewing on the ribbons for the mane frantically trying to be finished in time for trunk or treat that night!

I bought a pattern of a ladybug for Grace and Bailey last year but Bailey wanted to be a princess in the end and I hated making Rachelle's princess costume! It was the worst one by far. So I bought bailey's costume and made Grace a chicken. Now I have all the material for a ladybug and the pattern and I am going to do it. Hopefully it will turn out cute. I'm thinking if I do something I love about fall maybe I'll not think about the things I am going to miss about it too!

Glad Grace found the costume and gave me the idea of a project to do!
Do you buy your kids costumes? Is it worth the effort to make them?
Do you love that feeling when you do make them and they turn out cute?
Dani is the queen of costumes. She puts me to shame. She sucks. Ok, she really rocks but I do hate that she is better than me!
Maybe I'll get started today!


sherry said...

My sisters make some pretty rockin' Halloween costumes. I am pretty good at borrowing them;) The oonly time I run into a problem is when one of their kids wants to use the one I wanted to use. What can you do. I am also pretty good at buying cute costumes at Costco. And Old Navy after Halloween. Yeah, I'm that creative.

Kricket said...

I have made my kids costumes in the past too. They look SO much better than store bought ones. However, Lilian Vernon does have some really cute ones too. I think it's definitely worth it if you can find the time. Last year, I made my son the planet Jupiter. He's big into planets so I thought it would be perfect for him and it was. I can tell you one thing, nobody else had a Jupiter costume. =)

KLS said...

I can't believe your friend would not return the costume. That is pretty strange. You should have a side business making costumes. You are really talented. If I ever have kids, I might have to order something from you.

KLS said...
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Shelli said...

I made Kyara a devil outfit when she was about 2. That was just the hat and tail, and it nearly killed me. Since then, my creativity is maxed out by buying a bathrobe and glasses for Harry Potter. You and Dani must have gotten the creativity gene! Now most of the kids can do the costumes themselves, so if they can think it, I support it!

Aprilyn said...

I can't sew that well so I buy mine. I try to be creative though. Last year Nathan wanted to be an Army guy so we got my husband's Army clothes out of the garage and put green makeup on his face and viola! He looked great!! Then there is Marshall who is little and tends to freeze while Trick or Treating. I bought his at Old Navy. It's a cute lion costume and he wants to wear it all the time. I think your lion costume is dang cute though! If I could make them I would. Maybe I'll try this year.

Lynda said...

Laurie... the ones I see look fabulous! I sew, and I'm not thrilled usually to be called upon for costumes. They are generally hard to do and have odd things to create. Although I have to admit that Jake told me "You need to make me a Spiderman costume!" and I have been figuring out how to do it... even though Heather says she can buy one for $10... it's not the same. It's fun to make a spectacular (or even adequate) costume... it will be kept for years and everyone remembers... but even better if you have little ones coming along that can wear it!
Go for it girl. For some of us (Cathy!) the only time we create something is Halloween. What a great time!
Love you!
Aunt Lynda

Crazymamaof6 said...

i've made some and bought some. i always thought i'd be a costume maker like my mom was but i'm pretty ok with finding something FAB on clearance. and using. Savers (thrift store) had costumes out today already! i bought a couple dance costumes. and a formal dress that would make the cutest fairy princess.
add wings and a tiara and i'm DONE! easy. love the skunk and lion! DaRLING! my sister does those kind. and yes i covet!

fall is overrated! there is something fab about never having to wear sleeves or a coat for trick or treating. but it's also all i've ever known too. i am dying to decorate for Halloween now! i think i've succumbed to retails timeline for holidays.

goingsome said...

Oh, how cute. I am not that talented. I usually buy the boys their costumes. I have found some cute ones on-line and Kohl's has a decent selection, though as the kids get older the demands are to be more creative. I am already starting to think about what will be the kids demand this year, so we'll see.

Britta said...

Awesome costumes!! I have made some of the costumes, but my kids want "store bought costumes". Crazy. May be if mine looked something like yours, they'd want them.

raising4boys said...

I really love homemade costumes (of course when they turn out). You are awesome for thinking about Halloween already.

We have costumes that have been passed down, even one I wore as a kid that my boys wore. I wish I was better at sewing them like my mom was.

raising4boys said...

P.S. such a bummer about the lion costume.