Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hannah My Birthday Girl!

Today Hannah Turned 10! Crazy!!

Here are some of the things that we love about Hannah

Bailey said ~ She's happy

Grace~She Play's with me

Dad~ She's always willing to help. She's been sweet ever since she was a baby.

Zachary~She's a goofball, entertaining,and outgoing

Mom~ She has such a kind side to her. She is kind to her little sisters playing with them to keep them busy for me, She's kind to her baby brother,to her animals, and to all her friends. Everyone knows how much she loves them.

Rachelle~She has a good sense of humor. She is always cracking jokes. She's fun to be around.
We love her and are so glad she is
part of our forever family!

She is going to have her official party next week but for today to celebrate I brought cupcakes to her class at school. You can tell by the look on her face she is mortified that I am taking a picture of her as everyone sings to her!
We had dinner then opened a few presents. Low key for now! She wanted a Walkman and Cd's for her present. Easy. I am debating getting her a cell phone too. Maybe..It's only 9.99 a month to add her and she has been begging me for years. I'll have to think about that one for a bit. I have till next Friday..party time..to decide!

Happy Birthday Sweet Hannah!


W. Vidal said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah! We love you!
~Eric, Ashley, Anthony & Liz

raising4boys said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I really like how you posted something nice said from each of her siblings.

Shelli said...

Happy Birthday and congratulations! Ana is actually at Lake Havasu right now, or she would have called. We love you, Hannah!

Lori ~ LL-K said...

Happy Birthday Hannah!! Hope all your dreams come true!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

happy Birthday Hannah! super exciting! hope it was a fabulous b-day!

Cara said...

happy birthday cutie!!!!

Ginger said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! We love you and think you are fantastic!


Happy Birthday! That was really sweet what everyone had to say! I hope you guys have a great party!

Jenifer said...

Happy Day Hannah! Look at her face in that last picture...priceless! She sounds like a lovely girl to have around!

GoteeMan said...

Happy Birthday, Hannah!
Best Wishes!


goingsome said...

Happy Birthday Hannah. Mom took pictures so you would remember your special day. Yummy cupcakes to share with your friends. Nice, way to go Mom!!!!