Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just Some Random Crap!

Yeah..I think..School has started! It's kind of a mixed bag for me right now. Zachary and Rachelle have to take a 0 hour class. For those of you who don't live here~ When you take seminary as a class in school you have to add a extra class to your school schedule. This sucks big time because I have to take the kids to school every morning and leave by 6am! Ugh~ I am so not a morning person. I think it may kill me! So...Is seminary that important? I'm not sure since I hated it so much growing up and I slept in the bathroom most of the time during seminary.I want my kids to gain a testimony to learn about the gospel etc.. but if they are like me (and Zach says he is..ditching sometimes, sleeping the other times)is it worth the struggle?
Hannah was complaining of her head itching. I took a look and found 2 bugs!! YUCK~Lice! We think she got it at the hair salon. We got her hair cut the day before school and on the first day of school we found the bugs. There aren't any eggs yet so she must have just gotten them! SICK,SICK,SICK!!! Treated her hair twice now and they appear to be gone but I am freaked out now. I will probably be checking every one's hair for weeks to come!
So, I am tired like crazy right now. Ethan has learned to mix it up with the girls now. What the freak?? My 14 month old baby is trying to beat the crap out of his sisters. It has been melt down after meltdown today.I am afraid the next one will be me throwing it. I am exhausted by the time the older ones get home from school. Zach has football practice everyday after school so it is a race to have everyone pick up the house, go get Zach, get dinner on, feed everyone, get the kitchen cleaned, then everyone to bed! I know I did alot better last year. I just need to get in the groove again. I think I need to try Flylady again. Help me OBI ONE me!
If she doesn't do the trick Tony swears he will do it! Keep your fingers crossed. He seems to think we can bust out the house on Saturday. I hate having it out of control.
It has been storming here tonight. The monsoons have kicked up. Every time it rains here the news channels get their panties in a bunch I swear...Stay inside if you can...Unbelievable...NEVER drive through standing water..Dangerous...A full inch of water has fallen(gasp)..Weather alert has been issued. It's like this great natural disaster is happening. I swear Tony and I crack up when we hear it. I think since there is no other weather to report for 10 months out of the year the news casters get overly excited that they finally have something to do.
Even if it isn't life threatening I still love a good storm!
Oh, Oh~ tonight was the season finale of so you think you can dance! It was awesome. Loved that Jeremy won! Who were you rooting for? I liked all four in the finals so I would have been OK with any of them winning but I thought Jeremy was so sweet and I loved that he wasn't professionally trained yet he kicked butt! Yeah for the underdog!
So..How are you all adjusting to new schedules. Is it smooth going for you or are the first few weeks kind of hairy?
Do you totally sick out over lice? I swear I feel dirty.

Tomorrow is my day I can just feel it~Flylady and me...we can. Yes, we can....
I so so wish I could just be one of those super on top of it organized women. it just isn't in the Proffitt family genes I just know it!


goingsome said...

Good luck tomorrow. Remember Flylady recommends putting on "real shoes" , and no, flip flops don't count. Remember they have to be lace-up. ((Hee hee)). Seriously though, I hear ya, we have 2 kids and the juggling seems like such a feat, and the days seems to fly by without all my tasks being completed. Do you need to borrow my broom stick, oh wait on moment, then what will be my mode of transportation?? I already miss the days of summer with nothing on the adgenda.

sherry said...

Seminary- So so so worth it! It is so different than early morning seminary. And they only need to take an extra class ONCE in all four years of high school to make up for it. I am not a morning person so I decided to take a summer school class instead. So I took biology in summer school and got a 98 percent. It was such a fun class to take in your pj's! Seminary has so many advantages. It is a nice little reminder in the middle of your worldly little day. For example, I was much skinnier in HS and a little bit prone to dress immodestly. But you aren't going to wear a mini skirt in front of your seminary teacher are you? (my senior year sem teacher is in my stake presidency right now. Great guy.) Even if your kids complain about seminary, and even if they ditch half of the time, they are still getting something out of it. e mail me and I'll tell you more.

Crazymamaof6 said...

yeah i guess sherry has good points. the modesty thing rings true for me too. OY! but i didn't graduate. BUT that is where they make good friends that are LDS. gotta have that opportunity, or it might not be a priority. i liked seminary, and yeah i ditched QUITE A BIT. never have it right before or after lunch IMO. that's just too easy.

hate when the baby is now the instigator of the fighting. we have that here too. UGH!

good luck with fly lady. i should make a real effort to do that. but i can't get past the shoe thing. i don't wear lace up shoes. they make my feet sweat. and i hate socks.

Britta said...

School back in- thanks goodness we haven't had any extracurricular activities to be off to-- This is the first year all of my kids are in school- wierd. Just wait until then---you will get it all done. It is so hard with little ones!


Hated Seminary - hated it! There are some good points and I will probably make my kids go too. Do your best. If they don't graduate, it is not the end of the world. I didn't and still served a mission, married in the temple, go to church and have been called to serve in tons of auxiliaries. So, don't make them hate church by forcing seminary.

Love the finale of So you Awesome. Loved Josh. Loved Twitch too. Best season ever. Benji is still my all time favorite but I loved both Twitch and Joshua this year. The results were bitter sweet for us. We loved them both so much. A great season. And sorry, but I love Philip way better than Robert. He popped his crack off!

P.S. Joe loves your disco tunes!

The Northwest Bunch said...

The finale was fabulous!!!!!!! We cheered and clapped for ever. I believe I even cried. The underdog never gets a break it seems and this time it came true for one kid.

Well for the crazy schedule, school has not started for us but we have football 3x a week for two hours. Fixing dinner can be stuff but I have learned to crockpot, sandwiches, or even breakfast for dinner is easy (eggs, bacon etc.) AS for the house I am very anal about mine so I get very crazy if it is not clean by the end of the day. So I get everyone off to school and start in all bathrooms that have been thrashed, go to the bedrooms make beds for those who forgot(usually everyone but Delayn ie) and then hit the kitchen. I will start a load of wash for the day because I found that if I wash everyday and fold and put away it is not such a pile at the end of the week. Then I head off to the gym to relieve my stress and start the day with Reagan. This is a crazy way but it works for me. I wish you all the best because I love you so!!!!

Jenifer said...

I'm glad school is in, but my kids aren't really old enough to be so busy that we are all crazy. I'm not a morning girl either.
Lice...yikes! Poor you and Hannah. That sucks big time. Sounds like you caught it early though, so that is lucky. Loving the monsoons. I think you are right. The weather people are so bored all year, that they sensationalize the storms. It is just rain for craps sake!

Jen said...

Thanks for commenting on my did you find me?

I feel exactly the same way about the Twilight series. Twilight was my favorite till this one. Two and three really went downhill a bit.

It was really refreshing to see Bella strong and confident finally. That was one of my favorite parts. Go Cullens!

Amanda said...

LOVED the finale, me and erin went to moms house and watched it, well erin dealt with madison's lice which STILL hadn't gone away. let me tell you mom wasn't happy. just the thought of them make me itchy. seminary was ok for me but then i had seminary during my school schedule so no more early mornings for me.

Nutsonurse said...

Ick!!!! Lice are of Satan!!!
I hated seminary also, so not sure if it's worth it. But see how they do, they might enjoy it.

We loved the finale. I sooooo wanted either Joshua or Katie to win. We just loved their dancing. (loved his big bootie!)Manda got all teary eyed also.

Last night with grandbabies over made me remember what it was like with small children in the house. Disaster! Took me an hour and a half after they left to clean up. And I didn't even start Madison's room. I feel for you.

Shelli said...

Hmmm... I'm the mom that makes my kids do everything. Like I've told them, if the worse thing they can say about me is that I forced them to participate in wholesome activities, then I'm OK with that. It worked for the dance festival; not so much with the trek. Seminary has been a mixed bag, but I still believe in it. Also, there was a lice outbreak at girl's camp this year, but we avoided it somehow. Yuck -- the work to get rid of it all makes me tired just thinking about it!

KLS said...

I had to do a double take when I read the meeting schedule on Sunday at church. Here on Maui, seminary starts at 5:25 AM!!!!! I really admire the parents for getting their kids there at that time. I don't think I want to have kids here now that I know that. The reason is that the high school is far away, so the bus takes the kids to school early. Since the schools share the bus, the high school kids have to be at school an hour before school even begins. This is one reason that makes Maui not paradise.