Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Think I Need To Chill

Tony and I went out to dinner last night and he was telling me I just need to chill. He thinks I let things get to me too much ( messy house, kids fighting, My ex,money, moving etc.) I told him I'm not sure that's possible. I've always been a worrier. Since I was a little girl. I don't like the unknown and I don't like feeling out of control. You just know that if you don't get a grip now you're a goner!
So we had a long discussion about this and I thought about it all night. I thought OK, I have to worry cause he doesn't. If I don't get upset at the house being a disaster and no one helping me..It's not going to get done. If I don't get on my ex, no money will come. If I don't figure out how and where to move it's not going to happen! See...I was still worrying and not letting it go.
Well today I was busting out my room. Changing the sheets, picking up laundry and getting toys out of my room. I heard Grace scream at the top of her lungs and so I ran into her room to see what the emergency was. She put her hand on her hip and said "OH MY GOSH! look at Ethan's bed! I just cleaned it and someone has messed it up. I am so angry!" She then showed me a spot on the bumper of his bed. Probably spit up or a spill from a bottle. I told her It's no big deal and I would fix it.
Went back into my room and she followed. Picked up a black and white photo of herself and once again screams! She says "I can't believe this It's disgusting! Look at all the germs on this picture of me! I am so mad!"

OK, OK, I get it...I really, really get it! I need to chill!


sherry said...

That happens to me a lot. Your words sound altogether different coming out of the mouth of a toddler. Whether they are reminding me that I probably shouldn't yell at other drivers while I am driving, or that I probably shouldn't call the dog names that I don't allow in the house, they tend to get their little point accross even when they don't mean to. Chilling out is probably something we all need to do!

Crazymamaof6 said...

i totally am the same way. it's sounds so much worse repeated back to us.

good luck on the chilling. i've gotten to relaxed, and things aren't good that way either.

sara said...

i too are not alone...sorry about the deadbeat dad thing, mine was not around at all (he was dead) when i was rachelle and zach's ages...when he was around through my earlier years he was not capable of taking care of himself let alone children, my poor are a great mom to worry about where to move, what to do, etc...if you didn't worry would your family really know how much you love and care for them?...just a thought

Shelli said...

Mirror, mirror, on the wall ... ahhhh, what would we do without our little ones? Amazing how our kids can change us when nothing else does the trick. I love being a mom! You know, sometimes.

goingsome said...

I can relate. If I don't worry about it, and think it through, then it won't happen. I put so much thought into things sometimes, if nearly makes me sick, which causes me to be indecisive. Is it normal or something else? Who knows!!!

Aprilyn said...

My son (9 yr old) has a lot of anxiety just like me. I'm the one who worries too. I agree though, if we don't worry about it and take care of it, who will? In my family, nobody.