Saturday, August 23, 2008

Am I On To Something Here? And Other Random Thoughts!

Hey thanks for the compliments that I looked nice! It is one of my fav shirts! Know why? It gives the illusion I actually have boobs! Not bad eh?

Well, Ethan has been sick this past week and I have come to deeper understanding of the phrase "Survival of the fittest!" I think he thinks he can outlast, out maneuver me!That boy has learned to throw fits unlike anything I have ever seen! How can this be when he is only 14 months old? The worst part is he throws himself down over and over. The first time he did this he hit his head hard on the kitchen floor. The next fit that same day came when he threw himself against me as hard as he could and his teeth cut his lip when he hit my knee. The third and worst fit of the day came when he was on the stairs with Tony. They were on the landing in the middle of the stairs. Tony was vacuuming and Ethan saw me below in the living room and started crying. I called to him telling him to come see me and he threw himself down crying. And proceeded to roll down the stairs. Hitting every single stair as he tumbled. And hit his forehead on the floor when he hit the bottom! Ughh. Help!
Now I have to come to a theory that man has that primal animal instinct more than we realize. See I think it was like the others smelt weakness! I was doomed! I soon became prey. You know like a shark smelling blood in the water? They were on to me! Bailey and Grace were all over it.They had to get into the mix. Fits, fighting, and basically on a mission to destroy!
I even tried calming Grace by giving her a shower with me. She scream the entire time to stop getting her wet. Umm right! Once she started with the crying and fighting she was uncontrollable! They are out to get me! See...doomed!
I was beginning to think the only option was to tie a big ol slab of meat around their necks, head to the zoo, and tempt fate! OK, not really but I was in desperate need to turn this train around! And~boy was I exhausted and frustrated!I have been totally wiped out this past week!
Today I have been lazy as can be and it is delightful! I have been unbelievably tired. Crazy tired. So today Tony got up early and took Zachary to football pictures at 7 am and let me sleep. Even when he got home and Ethan woke up and he took him! Then when the girls woke up he took them and let me continue sleeping! WOW! I am a bit embarrassed to admit but I stayed in bed so long the girls came up to take a nap with me! I didn't get out of bed till ......12:30!!!! Cool! make this day even better, Tony cleaned the office perfectly! And Zachary did the kitchen~perfect! And Rachelle came home and did the toy room~once again perfect!!!!
Yeah! My bad week was becoming a distant memory!
My husband and kids are good to me even though they sometimes torture me too! Tony had made sure that the house got clean and I got a much needed break! Nice!

Well after I got up out of bed today and drove Zach to a friends then picked up Rachelle I came in to sit and watch TV with Tony. He was laying on the floor and I was on the couch. I got on the floor with him and snuggled into him. He looks at me and says you're just horny cause I cleaned your house! I told him there is nothing sexier than a man cleaning! It can be like foreplay! We had a good laugh, but as the day has gone on I have found myself laughing thinking Hmm, maybe I'm on to something here! I'm always looking for good ways to get people to clean around here.

Ha ha! Lucky me, I got a freebie today know cleaning that is!

I was able to get my room clean again (it's my third attempt this week) and the upstairs hallways done. I wasn't a complete slug today!

I feel at peace today. I feel content. I am happy! And I really really appreciate having a great day when after my week hasn't been so great!

(Lauri your thought process is flawed. I was too tired to fall for your woman skills)


goingsome said...

Don't men know that cleaning is sexy and YES it is considered foreplay, even better than flowers or a sweet gift. AHH, the gift of "help", priceless, can you pass the karma on my way. I could sure use a break. Maybe tomorrow will be my break. Well see.

Lori ~ LL-K said...

I love a clean house!! And there is nothing sexier than a man helping around the house!! And How wonderful it be able to sleep that late!!! Sorry to hear Ethan has been sick again!! I hope he feels better soon!

sherry said...

Oh, you deserved a good break! How do you get your kids and husband to clean? Nothing is working for me! Sex is not working as an incentive for my husband (I'm ginormous!) and my kids don't care no matter how much I ground them! I may have to resort to beating them;) I need your kids to to teach my kids some lessons! I think your kids just love you better than mine love me.

Shelli said...

What a wonderful day for you! Isn't it nice when you get these gifts of love? I'm glad Tony is so good at taking care of you, especially when you really need it!

GoteeMan said...

my approach has been "be the Alpha" - and exhibit "calm"... then expect "calm, submissive" from them... if that doesn't work, take them to the park and run them all over the place til they collapse...

Kinda like "Kid Whisperer"... Caesar would be proud.....


J/ (

Jenifer said...

Ahhhhh staying in bed until the afternoon. Heavenly! I'm glad the week ended better than it started:) It was great to talk to you, I am glad you are feeling good.

Jenifer said...

Ahhhhh staying in bed until the afternoon. Heavenly! I'm glad the week ended better than it started:) It was great to talk to you, I am glad you are feeling good.

Crazymamaof6 said...

WHOOHOO for a clean house! and HELP! and SLEEPING IN! i had two totally LAZY DAYS! sleeping in, napping, sleeping in more. heaven! and i fully agree with the TRADE. Lance is treated REALLY WELL in that department. since he does so much cleaning. i'm all about "negotiating".


I would kill for that kind of sleep! I am so excited for the kids to start school today. I have been telling them for weeks that I am going to nap the whole time they are gone. Heaven! Lucky you to have a clean house. I have given up on it and decided to start just leaving snacks on the floor for the kids to eat so they can fulfill their wild animal dreams.