Saturday, April 24, 2010

I'm Obsessed

I've become obsessed with trying to make bread lately! Jannalee was sweet enough to teach me how to make some wheat bread. She even grinds her own wheat! It was pretty yummy and so much easier than I ever thought!

My hubby is a pain about eating wheat bread though! He is pretty picky. I have a recipe that they love of white bread, and then they always love the homemade french bread, but I need to find a recipe of wheat bread that he might like!
So if you have a recipe your family loves send it my way!

Also, Janny uses white wheat. Do you use red wheat and do you like it better?

Send me your suggestions! I am obsessed with perfecting bread making. Strange eh?


RhondaLue said...

no, don't use red wheat. It's sort of old fashioned, has a stronger taste, and is heavier (to eat and in digestion, lol)

White wheat is the way to go these days. Costco even has buckets already sealed and for sale, CHEAP!

I think it's an adjustment for some going from white to wheat. My fam loved it instantly but you can take your recipe and use half white flour, half wheat and get them used to that first maybe...before making the total switch.

we love our bread. It has way more fiber and I have a cpl kids that really NEEEEEED that. lol

Dan and Jan said...

I agree with RhondaLue. You can trick your family into thinking that you are making regular white bread. Just add one cup of white wheat flour one time, then 2 the next time. Work up to half wheat or more and they will hardly notice. You can laugh behind their backs that they really are eating something healthy! Ha ha! (You can do the same with pancakes, rolls, muffins, even cookies)