Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Sweet 16 Girl!!

Attention all cute boys~ Miz Rachelle is now 16 and we are taking applications for the honor of taking her out on a date!

Wow...my lil Rach is old enough to date AND drive! Life has now become very, very scary around here folks!!

Rachelle is one of the sweetest girl's you will ever meet! She is so affectionate with me. I am not a really snuggly, feely kinda girl so I appreciate that she IS and she always has lots of hugs and kisses to give.

I enjoy spending time with her and talking. I am proud of the young woman she is becoming!

Rachelle!! I love you so much! I hope your birthday was wonderful!!

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RhondaLue said...

awww Happy sweet 16 to her! She's a beautiful girl on the outside and sounds like the inside too. Watch out daddy! The boys will be comin' in droves!