Sunday, October 18, 2009

I Went To Church Today

With hairy legs.
I Went To Church Today with almost no makeup on
I Went To Church Today With spit up on my shirt
I Went To Church Today Without having washed my hair today

But~ I Went To Church Today!
Was I humiliated? Yeah. But at least I made it there! We woke up a half a hour before church started. Long night with baby. So I wanted to stay home. But we made a commitment to go to church regularly~ Which is not something we have done in the past. And my kids are struggling. And we recognize that this is probably because of the choices we have made as parents.
So we are trying to be better. And is NOT easy! Do you know that our home teacher told us "Boy everyone knows when Ethan is here don't they?" Cause yeah..he is a animal at church. And the girls love to fight there. We are by far the noisiest family at church. I happen to love it how there is this woman who EVERY week stares us down when they are noisy.And I want to tell her do you know what it took to get here today? The older kids fought us tooth and nail. And we were running late. And I have spit up on my shirt. And my legs are hairy. And I haven't washed my hair today. And I didn't even put on makeup. And church feels like torture alot of the time. But dang it~ I Went To Church Today! So there!
Why is it so hard?


Kricket said...

I hear ya, girl. I'm really struggling to make it to church too. We are at 9 a.m., which is super hard imo. Also, I am so dang tired all the time, I just want to sleep and relax. I have to admit a big part of the problem is I'm so sick and tired of people saying, "you're still here?" or "you're so big!" It's awful and I can't avoid it. I've been ducking out right after sacrament to avoid getting trapped in the halls.

I agree with you, its a hard habit to break, missing church. But, sometimes we've got really good excuses. Hang in there and good for you!

Crazymamaof6 said...

way to go lady! you deserve a freaking gold star! i totally feel ya!

i ditched. yes i did. i worked like a dog to get everyone ready. and when it came down to it. i wasn't. and DANG IT by then i had a breakdown. so i stayed home.

i hate rude people who have no clue what it takes to get a family there, it's torture the whole time and they look at you and instantly you feel like crap. i seriously wanna flip those people the bird sometimes. really give them something to look at.GAH!

good job. you ROCK!

RhondaLue said...

It's hard because someone doesn't want us choosing the right and being where we're supposed to be.

Sometimes Jed has meetings for high council stuff and I have to do the bathing and getting all the kids ready myself. It's those days when I have to just DO IT and not think about kids complaining, little kids undressing after I had them totally ready, etc. And maybe once in a while I've cried by the time I get to church. lol

And maybe this will make you feel better about Ethan. I asked Ricky's primary teacher how he did a cpl weeks ago and she said, "well, there was a little problem. In sharing time they were talking about prophets and he started yelling, 'prophets are stupid.' and the primary president had to take him out"

Yah, always nice to hear that. We asked primary prez about it and apologized for our heathen child and she said he was just trying to make the other kids laugh and when she told him we don't call people stupid he said, "Sometimes I call my brother stupid." She was trying not to laugh. UGH! KIDS!

Feel better? ;) LOL

Shelli said...

Oh, Lauri, it is so worth it! Please keep going. It is so hard, especially when your kids are little. When the boys were toddlers, Rom and I played tag in Sacrament, always taking one or the other out. When my kids tried misbehaving to get out of Sacrament, I'd make them sit on my lap in the hall, so it wasn't "fun." Sometimes they would scream bloody murder, and I'd get the "you horrible mom" look. Screw you! This is MY family I'm raising, and you are not going to keep me from doing my job! It takes awhile to make it a habit, but it does become habit, and they settle into it. I would hate trying to raise my kids without my ward family.

I finally came to the realization last Sunday that I physically can't go to church anymore. I've been crying like a baby ever since. I love church. I love sitting with my family, having Rom on one side and someone snuggling with me on the other. It just feels right. I love the classes, where if I listen, I hear something that gets me through the week. I love watching people running around, doing their "jobs" which aren't really jobs at all but unpaid service, and they don't give it a second thought. I just love it.

Go to church. Sit in the second row (the first row gives the kids too much freedom and temptation). Let the ward know you're here to stay. Let them know they need to deal with you. Take turns taking the kids out when they need it. Don't apologize to anyone. You will be blessed.

sherry said...

Good for you, sister! Way to make a commitment to your family and stick to it no matter what. I don't kow if I could do it. I don't do well w/out sleep. And in the same wituation may not have made it. So pat yourself on the back. And go get an awesome pedicure. Call me and I will go with you. I'll bring Rachael over to keep the baby...

Cheffie-Mom said...

Good for you!! Stopping by to say hello. enJOY your week!!

Ginger Proffitt said...

You can do it and it will pay dividends in the long run and it will get eaiser.