Monday, June 30, 2008

Look At Those Curls!

Ethan's hair has really been growing alot lately.It's kind of wild, but I can't bring myself to give it a trim! Look at those curls! I love it! He and Grace are rockin the same look!
Zach's hair was straight as a baby, so I am not sure at what point I am going to need to cut Ethan's. What do you think? Keep the hair long and preserve the curls or risk it and trim it?? What if it doesn't grow back curly?? Sad!
Oh,Hey, how do you like his Cheetos mouth? They are a new found treat for him and his fav food! Now Grace is gonna have some competition over the bag! She has actually been known to hide a bag and snack on it for days!Do you think they get that from me??



Once you cut his curls, he won't look like a baby anymore! Since he is you last, I would have to wait. You don't want to suddenly be feeling like you need a baby. ;-) Brent says that that is my curse!

Crazymamaof6 said...

keep the curls! he's the baby and they are DANG CUTE! i hate when people make lame comments about my babies hair.

sherry said...

Well, you know how jealous I am of your kids' curly hair. I haven't cut Brenley's yet just because it curls a little at the bottom, and when I cut Kindyl's curls her hair went totally straight. Have any of your kids' hair ever gone straight? Rachelle's hair would still be curley if she let it, right? And he really is still a baby, so if you don't want to cut it yet, you won't get funny looks yet. Good job on your talk, Bailey! She really did a great job for how little she is.

Shelli said...

When Gabe was a toddler, I cut his hair myself the first time, gave him a real buzz cut. I was devastated by what I had done! I changed my cherubic baby into a tough looking little boy! It was quite terrible. I'm with the others, keep it as long as you want to, cuz you can never go back.