Tuesday, June 10, 2008


About a month ago, Tony was laying on the floor in our room with the baby and Grace. They had pillows on the floor and Grace and Ethan had fallen asleep.I put Ethan in his crib, and put covers on Tony and Grace thinking she could just sleep there tonight so she doesn't end up in my bed. About an hour later, Tony yells and scares the living crap out of me. I jump up and turn on the light to see what was wrong. He lifts his pillow and sees a SCORPION!! It had just stung him. UGGH...My baby had been lying there, and so was Grace!! Well, Tony got up and went to look for something to kill it. When he came back, it was gone-and we couldn't find it anywhere. We looked for about an hour, and still couldn't find it. So now I have a lovely pet living in my room UUGHHH..

Since moving here we have found scorpions on a monthly basis. At first I would call Tony at work and threaten his life if he didn't come home immediately and kill it. Since then, Zach has gotten brave and done the killing for me.

We have found 4 scorpions in the past two months, so I bit the bullet and called a pest control.
$75 later and a promise we would be pest free, we have had two more...the latest being found today by Hannah.Poor Hannah- she cried and cried. It scared her so much. She was cleaning(Go Hannah!) and found it under a shoe box. I was pissed with having another one in my house and Hannah losing her motivation to finish her job! Crap!
When Tony's work called and told us we had to move, only 8 months after we built our dream home, I was devastated.I knew we weren't really being given the option of staying or not, so we did what we had to do, and sucked it up.We moved to Arizona.

Now I can deal with the ugly desert landscape, I can deal with a 12 year old house that is run down and has ugly carpet, I can deal with not having alot of friends here, and I can even deal with the disgusting heat (I will just hole up in my house for a few months) HOWEVER...I CANNOT DEAL WITH THIS SICK SCORPION PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I've entered HELL!!

So, how do you make peace with a situation that is driving you mad? Can I be happy here eventually?

The pic is today's nasty little bugger!


Lori ~ LL-K said...

Oh Lori I feel for you! This is the first year we have found them outside. And I can't tell you how much I hate them!! I can live with the black widows (which I have for 10 years!). But the thought of scorpions can drive me right over the edge. So, here is some scorpion advice that you might already know but just in case you don’t: 1. If you do happen to get stung and need medical care ~Chandler Regional Hospital is the only hospital that has the anti –venom for scorpion stings in this area!!! Gilbert Mercy does not. 2. You need to reseal your house, its easy… Have Tony bring home some caulking & seal everything window, around the doors, & ECT. 3. They love dry leaves & palm trees. 4. Invest in a black light. It’s a great way to find out where there dangers babies are!! I wish you all the luck killing those pests!!!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

OH NO! that isn't fun! you'll find new friends, you'll survive the summer, it isn't that bad if you stay inside. NOT FUN! Lori has tons of good advice, go scorpion hunting as a family. get a black light and kill all you can find. i hear chickens eat scorpions. there's a thought.
good luck!

sherry said...

I feel your pain! I am deathly afraid of scorpions, and in all my years living here(21) have NEVER had to deal with them. My sisters who live a block away all have problems with them. It really depends on the neighborhood. When you look for a new house, ask the neighbors about scorpions. we have a big blacklight and a flashlight black light. You can borrow them. Even though we don't have them at our house, I am still paranoid enough to pull out the blacklight and look for them. Cats are supposed to hunt them too, so when your little kitty gets bigger it might be better.

Jenifer said...

Yuck. I am lucky, I've never seen one at my house. I have two cats though, they are supposed to eat them. You could look into that. I work for an exterminator and he said that right after you spray, it stirs them up for a couple of days and then they die.
It will all get better. Right? If you want to go see that movie, let me know, I could go again!


I am not sure we should be encouraging you to get more pets. :-) That is kinda scary. You should tell Tony that he should ask for a transfer to VA. You would never find such nasty things! We find bunnies, turtles, and bull frogs! Also, I would have a sister close and that would be the best! Also, we like your kind out here - you would be the adult equivalent of the homecoming queen. Just less slutty. Hehehe.

KLS said...

Oh YUCK!!!! I don't think I could deal with scorpions. Here we have GIANT centipedes. I have never seen such big ones. They look pre historic. I know the feeling of finally having your dream house and having to leave it behind. I was able to live in mine for a year and a half. I still cry when I look at the photos. I had to leave my life behind there as well. At least your family is together. I like your blog!

Amber said...

UGGGGGGGGH. Though scorpians don't freak me out so much as rodents or snakes. I don't think I could ever make peace with those!!

Aprilyn said...

OH that is awful!!!! I would totally freak out too!!! I hope you find some way to get rid of those buggers soon!!!

LarsonPartyof7 said...

That is one gross bug.
Thanks for the note and I love your blog. Between you and Amber I feel I really need to work on mine a little better. Keep in touch.

andrea j said...

I would freak out too!! Sorry you had to move if you didn't want to. Maybe you should call the pest control for a refund?? I would be nervous to let my baby crawl around.

Lori said...

You definitely need to seal the house. That expandable foam at Home Depot. It's awesome. These things are CREEPY!!!!

Cara said...

I have lived with them AND been stung by them. I have called the bug man 12 times in a month to come out (we used to have 5-7 a week in our old house). They did finally go away. I feel your pain! Tell Hannah she's a trooper and I am proud of her cleaning!!! Things will looks up I promise!