Saturday, June 7, 2008

Birthday Fun!

To celebrate Bailey's birthday we went
to Amazing Jake's. We got our food and sat down in the movie room. Too was playing The Litttle Mermaid...Bailey's favorite movie and the theme of her After eating we headed out to the fun rides and games. Bailey's favorite ride was the frog hopper. She and Hannah rode it about 5 times. Hannah, Bailey, and Grace went on the teacups together. Hannah had the teacups spinning so fast Grace was unable to keep her head up! We were all screaming at Hannah trying to get her attention but she just ignored us! The guy operating the ride finally jumped on the ride as it was moving and pulled Grace off!She couldn't walk for about 5 minutes. Poor Grace! However, now that we are home she will tell you her favorite ride of the evening was the teacups. She will then tell you "but I don't want to ride it no more" Yep, Grace-I bet you don't!


Shelli said...

Happy Birthday, Bailey! Love, Aunt Shelli

Ana said...

Is Bailey four already or is it five?
That's funny that Grace actually liked the teacups the most!