Friday, June 13, 2008

The Joys of Being a Parent!

Ok, so last night,got home late and Grace woke up and was hysterical. Had to bring her to bed with me.Once she was asleep and I was settled, it was now 1 am. Yikes.I was so tired. Maybe I'd be able to sleep in.
Nope, silly me Ethan woke up at 6:30.Crazy since he got to bed after 10. Oh well. I was hoping to get a nap a little later. So at 11:30 I go lay down with him for a nap and Rachelle calls me to come pick her up from her friends house.Dang~there goes my nap!
So, once I get her Zach and Rachelle are complaining we have nothing in the house that looks good to eat, so of course I have to go to Taco Bell and get them some food. I give in and go get some food.
After a little while, I get a call from Hannah. She needs me to go pick her up at her friends house now. Ughh ok.
I get Hannah, get home and Rachelle now tells me I have to take her to the movie.Oh and by the way Zach is going to the movies too, another theater of course and I need to drive him.One more thing the movie she wants to see is rated R but only for violence so I need to buy the ticket for her. WHAT??? UH NO!!!After a nice lengthy argument of her telling me how unfair as parents we are Zach chimes in. I guess I am a unreasonable parent who doesn't let my kids do anything!
Anyhow I took them both to different theaters. Dropped them off was told when to pick them up and told I was also giving a few kids rides home too. Rachelle as she is getting out of the car (for a rated pg13 movie)with tears in her eyes tells me "this is going to suck" and slams the door.
Nice EH?
I hate what a mean mom I am! Like I said ~ Oh the joys of being a parent!


Crazymamaof6 said...

you are a way nicer mom than me. what movie did she see that was PG 13? just wondering. awesome. don't ya love being the mom? exhausting. ahhhhhh heres hoping you get a break

andrea j said...

Not sure I'm looking forward to that teenager stage! Hope you get some better sleep tonight. Oh the Joys!

KLS said...

You sound just like my sister Shannon. I believe parents become a taxi service between school, sports, and friends :-) Sounds like you are a great parent. Don't know that I have the patience.

sara said...

the cartoon at the top of this post is Hysterical...i hear are such joys...especially when they are screaming at you about your parenting.....

Kendra said...

Good girl! I am so proud of you for being a GREAT parent. It is when you are tired, sick and basically worn down that people show their true colors. You have just proven that you won't let any of that stop you from being a fabulous mom. Way to go!