Thursday, June 19, 2008

Cultivating a Attitude of Happiness

Kind of a interesting day today for me. I was reading crazymamas blog today and she was saying she has started taking medication for depression. It really struck a cord with me because I had recently started medication myself and have struggled with the decision to do so! I have just really had a hard time feeling normal, upbeat and on top of things.
Anyhow, I read a comment on her blog that brought me to another blog ~Confessions of a unbalanced woman ~and I found quote from a article written by President Gordon B Hinkley from 1992 called If Thou Art Faithful~
"No woman can afford to demean herself, to belittle herself, to downgrade her abilities or her capacities. Let each be faithful to the great, divine attributes that are within her." Divine attributes?? Hmmm? I have those??
Isn't it interesting as women how we tend to be so hard on ourselves? This quote struck right to the heart of what I have been going over in my mind.
I have been getting ready to leave on a trip to visit my friends, Corrine, Carolee, and Robin on Monday I have been thinking how excited I am to be able to visit with my dear friends!
I was remembering late night trips to TGIFridays, women's retreats to the mountains, and late late night talks with laughter and tears. Oh my gosh how I miss those!
Somehow I have lost a bit of my easy going, fun attitude! I have alienated myself from friends and kind of turned into myself.
I have had the hardest time putting myself out there and making new friends here.I think I feel self conscious that I am not as good at keeping up my house, I am not as fit, as wealthy,as good of a parent etc,, keeping with my line of thought today, this quote was just so appropriate for Me! I was grateful to have read it.
She went on to talk about how Pres Hinkley was saying we need to Cultivate a attitude of Happiness.Isn't that interesting. Don't just be happy, cultivate it. We have to work on it.
Food for thought for me definitely! Something I can use on my journey of trying to better myself lately.I think sometimes it is hard to remember we are of divine worth Ya know?
Ok~enough rambling for now...


Crazymamaof6 said...

it is hard some days to remember that we are still people good people who take care of our kids and do our best. and it's SUPER hard not to compare ourselves with others and what they do or have or how they look. there is no shame in it. and really with the huge change you've had moving here and the loss of your good friends, it's hard to get back to it.and put yourself out there. you are fab! thanks for sharing the thoughts, too, I've read them before but always a great reminder too! and did you see how many are medicated and motivated on my blog? lots! we rock!hope you have an awesome trip! good friends are the best!

Jenifer said...

I'm glad you found the quote from President Hinckley. I think we would be surprised to find that as women we all feel inadequate.
I hope you have fun with your friends! That will definitely lift your spirits. We need to get together some time, sounds like we have a lot in common!
(I'm on meds too!) :] We can go to the casino or something!

Lori ~ LL-K said...

I love that quote! I think we all go through that in different times of our lives! Well, have a fabulous time with your friends!!

The Riggs Family said...

I love that quote too, its a good reminder to us all. Thank you for sharing it along your thoughts and feelings.
You are great Laurie, I hope that you have a lot of fun on your trip!

Shelli said...

I think it's a big leap to go from comparing yourself to others and feeling inadequate to admiring others and letting them inspire you. I think the only way to be able to do that is when they open up enough to show their faults and weaknesses, too. Then, you feel like you're all in the same boat together, and you feel hopeful instead of overwhelmed. I hope when you put yourself out there, you'll find those kinds of friends!

Ginger said...

What I have found is most people, women and men, compare their worst quality to someone else's best quality. We rarely compare equal to equal. If we begin to compare our best quality to their worst - then we have a problem with pride. I think the secret is taking care of yourself and accept yourself as a work in progress. When we do this the things we desire whether it is love, friends etc. will come to us. It reminds me of the Carol Lynn Pearson poem.

Does the flower fret
That the bee
Might forget
To buzz by?

Ah, no
One concern
Has she,
And she tends
It well:
Her own smell.

Kendra said...

OK Friend, I am soooo glad you posted that - the quote, the musings, the truth of it all. I am writing this in the middle of the wreck that is my house. I know that it is hard to "share all" but I a so glad that you you have the guts to say something. I am just now (after living in our house for 6 years) feeling like I kind of belong here. I have battled with the person that I used to be and trying to find a balance in the person that is left after life happened to me. (You know the bedrest, sick woman for months that has little children to deal with and life is nuts...) I hope that you know that you are loved. Your sense of humor and wit are awesome. I look forward to reading your blog just to see what funny things you will say. Hang in there. Have a great vacation and we'll get together when you get back. It is a win-win. Our kids can play and we can chat.

andrea j said...

Thanks for these wonderful thoughts. How easy it is to compare ourselves to others.

Yesterday in Relief Society we talked a little about joy and someone made a comment that we have to work at it. Sometimes I go crazy just living life and the same trials day after day. It's great to know the Savior wanted us to have joy in this life and he knew we would have our struggles.