Sunday, June 22, 2008

52 Blessings Project~ Week 25

This week I am grateful ~for air conditioning in my car!!
Tony and I were driving down the freeway yesterday when we had a blowout. Our tire was obliterated. I'm not sure if we hit something or what.
According to our car temperature gage it was 118 degrees outside. Not happy here...
We pulled over and got everything out to change the tire but couldn't get the lug nut off. It was just too tight. We finally decided enough was enough after about 15 minutes in the sweltering sun. We got back in the car turned up the air conditioning and called roadside service. The temperature gage was by then reading 128 degrees. I guess from the radiant heat of the freeway. Our car was not producing very cold air anymore and it was getting uncomfortable!After an hour of waiting in the car the roadside service finally arrived.
They had a heck of a time getting the lug nut off but after another half an hour it was changed and we were on our way!
Sweet relief! The air cooled and we went to find the biggest diet coke available in a convenience store for me!
As we were driving to the store, I was hot, and moody thinking how much that whole situation sucked. We came to a stop light and next to us was a truck with their windows down. The drivers side had a little fan blowing on her! I laughed and told Tony, I guess things could have been worse!
See... perspective...Even though the tire blowing sucked, at least we were blessed to have air conditioning to help us while waiting!
Air conditioning a very good blessing!


Crazymamaof6 said...

that is a FANTASTIC BLESSING! perspective rocks!

andrea j said...

I get grumpy when it's HOT too!! Yay for air conditioning! Not a fun outing for you though, but glad you found relief.

sherry said...

What a nightmare! Just the thing to make you grateful that you live in the good old AZ desert;) And yes, we can't function around here without AC. I don't know how anyone does. Around here in the summertime you are in the AC house, AC car, or pool. Period. Your blog looks great , by the way. You are becoming an expert!

goingsome said...

Welcome to AZ! This has happened to us twice. I think it might have to with the air pressure and the unbearable hot temperature. Glad to see you found the "lesson of: learning what we can be grateful for" A/C !

carrie & troy keiser said...

I have to agree with this 100%!

Aprilyn said...

That is a wonderful blessing. Up until last summer, we didn't have a working AC in our car. It was MISERABLE driving down to Lake Powell without one. HOT! HOT! HOT!