Saturday, June 7, 2008

52 Blessings Project~ Week 23

This week I am grateful for~Date Night!
Tony is pretty good at taking me out every Friday or Saturday night for a date night.
I was having a bit of a hard day on Thursday, so Tony came home early from work, and told me to hurry and get ready. He was taking me out on a date. We went to eat at the Havana Cafe. It's a Cuban restaurant that's food is almost as good as mama's! Afterward we went to see a movie. It was so much fun going out. Boy, do I have a good man!
I love date nights. It is such a good opportunity to talk about everything. The kids, our home,our relationship,stress, finances, etc... He helps me put things into perspective.
We talk,we laugh, and we reconnect. I remember all of the reasons we fell in love in the first place. For that I am very grateful!!


KLS said...

I wish I had somebody to go on a date with. How fun! My brother dates his wife too. I love my brother for remembering how important it is. I am glad you have somebody who treats you so good!

Aprilyn said...

Date night? Hmm...not sure what that is anymore. I keep telling my hubby we need to do it but he forgets I guess. He's more into his internet game. We don't even play games together anymore because he's always playing his game. He tells me it's because I'm checking blog..whatever.

Lori ~ LL-K said...

How fun! I wish Loren and I had date night every week!!

Jenifer said...

Oh, you guessed what movie I went to:) I really liked it. Gotta love those dates! We all need to reconnect without the kiddos!

andrea j said...

Great blessing! I know we need to do it more often (and HE wants to) but I hate leaving the kids with a babysitter.

So true how a night out can refresh us as mothers. :)

Cara said...

I need to make time for date night. We are bad at that. I would just rather stay home! You are inspiring me for sure!