Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ethan Gets A "Real" Haircut!!

I just couldn't stand it anymore! Every time I looked at the hack job Tony did I had visions of kicking that man in the face! It was really something that bothered me! So, I had grandpa take him to Dell's barbershop to fix the mullet he was rockin! Dell's is the barbershop that grandpa took Zachary for his first haircut as a baby so it was kind of fun taking my next boy 15 years later to the same place!

Ethan wasn't liking the idea of a haircut until they gave him a yummy red sucker! This did the trick for awhile. He did get ornery and start to throw a fit after a while. Maybe he wasn't liking that sucker once it was too hairy, or maybe he didn't like the feel of the clippers, or maybe it was his nap time and he was cranky. Whatever it was he wasn't having it anymore and he was yelling at us until they broke out another sucker. Yellow this time! It did the trick and the haircut was a success! No more mullet, and are forgiven at last!
When we were getting ready to leave they gave us the cutest certificate for his first haircut! I love it. They attach a lock of his hair. I was a little sad that it wasn't one of his baby curls... oh well...Time to get over it right?

Thanks Grandpa for taking Ethan for his first real haircut!! You are a brave,brave man!

Doesn't he look much better?


goingsome said...

Ethan looks adorable, though he looked adorable even before the first haircut. You held out longer than I. I newer had the guts to give either one of my kids a haircut. I know my boundaries. Isn't it funny that they turn into "little men" once you cut their hair? (((sigh))) The signs of growning up. Precious.

KLS said...

How fun. He is so adorable.

Shelli said...

I LOVE the picture of him hollering! Too cute! With all those curls gone, you can see what a beautiful, handsome face he has. What a handsome boy! What a blessing!

Julianne said...

Ben was almost 4 when I finally got the guts to cut his hair. I cried the whole time. He kept saying, "It's ok momma I'll let you hold it."
I feel your pain honey.
Ethan is so Beautiful!


I love how dad makes it his personal obligation to get the boys "real" haircuts at Dell's. That is so fun! Love the pics! He has such beautiful rosy cheeks!