Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Eric!

Happy Birthday Eric! His birthday was yesterday. He is officially 23 years old! Can you believe it? I can't! He has grown into such a wonderful young man.
I was fortunate enough to be here in California so they invited us down to share some pie and sing to Eric! It was so nice to be able to sit down and hear about his life and what he is doing, and to share some laughs. I even had to grill him a little as to when he was going to propose to Erica! I'm not sure he was loving that Ü
Here are a few things we love about Eric~
Liz said~I love his big brother traits. He tries really hard to be protective. Sometimes that is really annoying though!
Bailey said~ I love him. His favorite princess is Ariel!

Grace~ He plays with me

Hanna said~ he will watch George Lopez with me. He is nice.

Rachelle said~ I love Eric's Charisma..what does charisma mean? I love his Movie Star good looks.
Dad said~His sarcastic sense of humor! I love that he is a good person!

Ashley~His boldness.How blunt he can be.He doesn't get too serious. He is immature and I am more mature than him!
Anthony said~His personality and his willingness to listen!
Lauri said~ I love his kindness. We were laughing last night at how he has always been Hannah's favorite! When she was a baby and he would come home from school and find her screaming. He would come over and take her and snuggle her and she would just stop. Content. So happy he had her! He is so loved by all of his brothers and sisters and I think it is because he loves them so and is so kind to all of them.
Zachary said~His sense of humor and nice butt.
Hope you had a great birthday Eric! I hope you know how much we all love you!!!


Nutsonurse said...

What I remember is how gentle Eric is, and how tender, how he loves his family....will never forget our trip together and how I feel about him.

goingsome said...

How nice to have a child that has grown into such a nice young man. Now you can reap the rewards and see what a good job you 2 did, raising a compassionate adult. Yeah Mom and Dad.

Shelli said...

Happy Birthday, Eric! Lauri, I love how you do birthdays on the blog in your family. It is so fun to hear nice things about yourself. It's also fun for us to hear why you love your family so much.