Friday, October 17, 2008

Don't Ya Just Love San Diego?

For our first full day here we decided to go to Coronado Island!

To start the day off we headed down to the harbor. There was this old woman there who was selling jewelery on a blanket. I let them all pick out something since there was nothing more than $3.00 Bailey had to have the necklace with the big dangly earrings of course.The ferry wasn't leaving for another 50 minutes so we walked over to Anthony's to get some lunch. I always love sitting out on the patio watching sailboats go by. After eating we headed over to board the ferry for the ride to Coronado! The weather was perfect! Clear skies, nice breeze...It just doesn't get any better than this!

It was the girls first time on a boat so it was pretty dang exciting! The wind and the smell of the salt air was delicious~ Heavenly! I forget little things like this about growing up in California that I loved!

When we got to the island the kids wanted to head down to the water. I thought maybe we'd just get our feet wet, but Ethan sat right down in the water then laid down in it! Little waves would knock him over and he would just pop back up! He didn't even mind water in his face! Most of my kids scream like crazy whenever waves knocked them down. He just loved it though. Maybe he will be another surfer in the family!

We collected shells and rocks, and played in the water for awhile then we headed into the little town area. They were having a farmers market! So cool! I loved all the fresh flowers. They were fantastic. I need to see if we have a farmers market in Az where I can get some flowers like that for my home. We bought some of the most amazing sweet oranges, some raspberries, and some almonds. It was a yummy snack!

We shopped a little more then ended the day with a ice cream cone before we had to head back down to the ferry for the ride back!

I love, love Coronado island. The condos, the little stores, the beach, the entire feel of the place! My sister in law was telling me how my brother hates going there because he worked there everyday and I just can't imagine ever getting tired of working there! Mike what the heck are you thinking?

After being away for a 11 years I find myself missing it so much and always always took it for granted living by the beach, living in such a beautiful place and it is always so fun to come home for a visit! I loved sharing with my kids one of my favorite places I loved to go to as I was growing up!

Don't ya just love San Diego?


kristifritzel said...

How fun, you know, I never took Aaron to Coronado, I really need to. Hey, by the way, there's one thing I need you to fix on my blog.... It's Mrs Rogers Neighborhood, not Mr. Thanks! Love you!

Shelli said...

Yes, I love San Diego! I am so sorry we're not getting in to see you -- this is really the worst week ever! I did this to Kris, too, when she was down. It's gotta get better, right?

goingsome said...

Yep. I agree. When you live in a city, you do take things for granted. Isn't it fun to bring the kids back to your old stomping ground!!!! It brings back memories.

KLS said...

Thanks for sharing. I am home sick right now.

Kricket said...

I love living here as expensive as it is lol. I'm glad you got to visit. I hope I can meet you at some point!!! You're great! I'm glad you're kids are having such a good time and you are getting a much needed break.

GoteeMan said...

How awesome! I've been close, but never to San Diego... will have to make a trip once K is well...

J/ (


I am so jealous that you get to visit so often! I love Coronado. Lupe and I used to go down there and get chocolate covered strawberries. I love how it is like a little town in the middle of a huge city! BTW - tell Rachel "hola fresca!" just for Lupe. :-)