Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Just Might Be The Meanest Mom Ever!

Last night I was having a meltdown. We have a moving van scheduled for this weekend to move the rest of the house and we have to be packed to go. I have been on the kids all day trying to get them to help and it has been like pulling teeth! They have done NOTHING!
Well, as I had mentioned before I have been doing laundry like a mad woman trying to catch up. The laundry room is where we keep the cat's litter box. I have been buggin and threatening Hannah for over a week to clean the litter which of course she doesn't do. So last night mid meltdown I go into the laundry room for another load of laundry to take to the other house and I find cat crap in a bunch of clothes! Sick, sick! Since the box is now too full they are crapping on my stuff!
So..I yell and give Hannah a ultimatum. By the time I get home from dropping a load of boxes off from the other house she has to have the litter cleaned or the cats go.
Soooo do you think she did it? Umm no! I was flaming mad by now and grabbed the cats and threw them outside thinking they have been outside before~no big deal..but Hannah would think it was ~so I tossed them knowing that by morning I would let them in and Hannah would know I mean business!
So wake up this morning and open the door to let them in and..Only Oliver was there! No Remi!
He is gone! Gone! Can't find him anywhere!He is the sweet kitten we got from Julie! he is our favorite! Oliver is a aloof butt head kind of cat but Remi is so snuggly sweet!
I made lost kitten signs but so far no calls. I bet someone found this super cute kitten and probably won't call us! I guess it serves me right! My dang temper! Some days I just want to kill these little beast. They push me and push me, ignoring what I ask and then I lose it!
Ughh I think I just might be the meanest mom ever!


kristifritzel said...

No, you're not mean. Hannah needs to care for her animals or she can't have them. The cats went out for the night cuz their litter was too dirty, and one didn't come home. It's a natural consequence of her not doing what a 'responsible pet owner' would do. It just feels mean. You're upset cuz you like the cat. Jsut keep watching. He may really come home.

Aprilyn said...

You are not the meanest mom ever. I thought I had that one covered.

I got SO SICK of being ignored. We went to some counseling for Nathan's anxiety and the counselor said you need 2 family rules. Yup, only 2. Number one is- Obey the FIRST time.
Number two is- Be Kind. If the kids don't obey the first time, I usually give them a bit of leeway but c'mon, let's face it. We get a BIT annoyed when we call them to dinner 5 times and they still haven't listened. So, the counselor said it's all about giving the kid choices. I know you have older kids and I'm sure you'd have to change it a bit with them but here's how it works on my almost 10 yr old.
After being ignored when I ask him to do something, I say "Nathan, what's rule #1?" He says "Obey the first time." I say, "Are you choosing to obey rule #1 or are you choosing to take a time out?" If he argues or doesn't listen after that, he goes in the bathroom and has to sit for 9 minutes. He can't take a book or paper to draw...nothing. It didn't take long for him to quit arguing. Marshall, on the other hand, requires a complete body lockdown to get his timeouts. He won't stay in his room and we are NOT putting this child in the bathroom alone so he can flush MORE stuff down the toilet and make my husband have to take it off again! The child is almost 4 yrs old! When will that stop??! I hope soon.

Anyway, that's just what we do. Hang in there. You are just trying to teach your children choice and accountability.

Shelli said...

My sympathies to you! I thought you were going to put the kitty litter in her bed. See how my sick mind works? I think we've all had our "worst mom ever" moments, and I'm sure yours doesn't even top the list! We're just too embarrassed to share our stories. He'll come back ... or he won't, and he'll find a happy family that cleans his litter box, and you'll get a new kitten.

Hang in there, Lauri, you're doing a good job!

Amber said...

You are not the meanest mom ever. You are an exceedingly stressed mom. And when your little charges ignore you? Watch out. Been there, done that!


Brent and I were just talking the other day about all the stupid things that we have done as parents. If loosing a kitty is the worst thing you do, Hannah's in good hands. She will get over it. It's not like kids come with a handbook.

goingsome said...

Poor Remi, but hey, maybe someone did find him and there may be a happy ending. Remi might find his way home, who knows. The kids need to understand the lesson of caring for animals.

I know what cat urine smells like. Years ago, when we had cats, I was at work and kept smelling a faint odor of cat urine, I figured out that the cat must have pee'd on my dress, which was in my laundry basket, and even with several washings it never came out. I finally had to throw the dress out. UGH!!!!

I hear ya. I lose it too!!!!

Kricket said...

Oh man, that's a bummer. I'm sorry about the kitten. I hope somebody returns him.

You know, next time put the litter box in Hannah's bed. I'd do that to my boys without a second thought so maybe I'm meaner than you are lol.

Crazymamaof6 said...

that 's a bummer! i hate when they don't do their part. she drove you to it. and you gave her a chance. glad it worked out. but i SO wouldn't blame ya for getting rid of it. kids are more than enough to take care of and messy too. SO, sheesh, she's lucky you let her have it at all!