Friday, October 31, 2008

It's Over!

Sad, truly,truly sad! It's over! Zachary's football season is over! Bummer. We love going to the games every week and are going to miss it.

Tonight his team played the last game of the season to Hamilton. It was a bitter loss! See..Hamilton has poached two of our best players. They go around to the schools and lure away the best players to come play for them. So..We found ourselves playing Hamilton and their star player was Shel Don(not Sheldon but Shel Don..fancy) Patterson.he played for us last year before Hamilton poached him. And now they have poached Gerald for next year too! Dirty suckers!

Anyhow... we lost. But only by one point. And we held our ground for most of the game. Not too bad. They are one of the best teams out there and we almost beat them. With them having the best of the best from poaching and us just having boys who work their butts off! So... as you can see.. a bitter loss~ For me anyhow!

But, our boys played their hearts out. And it was fun to watch. Zach was team captain again and I think he really likes that. He loves to get the guys pumped up for the games.He also got to play both ways and he loves that. He loves playing defense and is always a offense starter so he doesn't get to play both ways always. It was nice that for his final game he got to.

Brother Watts from our old ward even came to see some of the boys play. He had mentioned he was going to try to come to one of the games so I thought it was so nice of him to come! Too bad it wasn't one of our games we won but it was still a good game.

So..this is the end of another fun year.

I think we might go through a few withdrawals around here for the next week or so.

Still we always have next year to look forward to.

Hmmm I wonder how old Ethan has to be to be able to start playing football?


sara said...

so sorry and sad they lost...Aaron loves football, lives eats and breathes it pretty much...maybe thats why he admires Zach so much!

sherry said...

Mitchell started playing at the ripe old age of six. See this post:
So you will only have a few years to wait after Zachary graduates!

The Northwest Bunch said...

Our Season ended last week. We did not win as many times as Hayden had wished but it was a great season. Hayden played both offense and defense. He loved both. I was scared for him because he is such a peanut. He has great heart and loves the game. He puts everything into it.

We are having withdrawals though. It is such fun to watch and I get totally into it. Hayden started playing flag football when he was in 1st grade. It was a blast!!! It was through the YMCA. It was a great program. Ethan will love it!!!


Yeah, he made it through the season without serious injury! I don't know how you can watch them beat the tar out of each other. I am way too neurotic. They will have to work their butts off next year and kick Hamilton's trash!