Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I've been Tagged by Crazy Mama and Cheffie Mom and I am finally getting around to doing it!

I have been procrastinating cause I can't seem to think straight lately!My mind is numb here! Do you think having kids kills your brain cells? It seems like the more I have the less I can focus and remember things anymore! Bummer.

OK..On to business.

1. One of my favorite smells is the smell of pine sol! When I was younger I loved coming home to a spotless house and that smell after the maids had been there! Now we didn't have maids very often and being in a family of 8 kids it tends to get messy as you can imagine, so whenever I'd come through the doors and smell that smell I would know the maids had been there and it was always a treat! To this day I love that smell especially if I am lucky enough to have maids of my own come to clean.

2. I love to break out into a song or a dance and it is even better if I can get my kids to join me! I love Grace cause she is always up for it! I'll say Gracie girl..show me how you can shake your thing. And she will! She loves it. Now If I am dancing and I say Bailey check it out..do you love my bootilicious butt shake? She gets a disgusted look on her face and says ughh mom stop it I DO NOT love it! Hehe! Lighten up girl! Luckily I can get her to rock out with me sometimes and it is even funner when I can get the older ones to! The other day Zach and I were in the car and Marvin Gaye came on and we were both dancing and other cars were looking at us and we were crackin up! I love it! I think I get it from my mother, so maybe my kids will get that from me and they can pass the love on to their kids too!

3. I have to have presents under the Christmas tree! Ok, selfish I am sure, but my husband one year was saying we are broke this year so I don't think you or I should get anything for Christmas! I was devastated! It felt like he was saying he didn't love me anymore! I don't know why but it is important to me that he gets me presents and actually puts the time and thought into it.
I look back at growing up and the years when we were broke. I never felt like we were. We didn't get tons of stuff but I always got just what I wanted and it was magical. Now It's not the value of the gift I am looking for or the materialism..I just want that special Christmas feeling!

4. I have always wanted a big family~always! (be careful what you wish for Ü) When I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I said a mother! I actually wanted 8 or 9 kids, a station wagon with all the kids in it yelling and a dog with it's head hanging out the window. Seriously..I can remember wanting this! Weird I know but I do love having a big family. The blessings far outweigh the challenges!

5. I do not make friends easy. I am weird as heck when I am around people I don't know. It is like my brain has a brain fart and I can't think rationally! I say things and afterward I think what the heck? Why did I say that? I often joke I'd rather visit a proctologist than have to go to a new ward at church or meet new people! I am just socially retarded until I feel comfortable around them! It takes me months! Sometimes longer!I have a few really wonderful friends and I often wonder how they got over my weirdness to became good friends! I am grateful for them!

6. I love to laugh but don't do it much anymore! I am not sure when I became so serious! I used to be much more lighthearted. I need to get back there! When I was in a Bunko group I would come home from a evening of laughing and fun and my cheeks would actually be cramping and hurting from laughing so much and I'd think man I need to smile more and have fun! I need to lighten up!

7.I feel like a hot mess most of the time. I am not a great mother, great housewife, not as organized, not as slim, not as diligent, not as spiritual etc etc. I have been really hard on myself and often compare myself to others as I think alot of women do. I have been trying to counterbalance that by reminding myself what I am good at! I am a good wife who loves her husband fiercely, I am a good mom who may not be perfect but is really trying and feels blessed to have her kids, I have a love of God, and of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I am a good friend, and so on. I am trying to recognize more of what is good and hopefully change what is not one step at a time. It is obviously the theme of my life right now however that goes with the territory of where I am at for now!I think that is part of the process of being a mom and of growing emotionally and spiritually!

OK.. So do ya think I am freaky? Not so bad right?? Sorry ladies it took me so long to accept your challenge of the tag! But hey~ I did it!!

So.. I am going to pass the love along I tag~~

My sisters! Shelli, Juli, Janeal, Suzanne, Dani,Kristi, and Cari..I want to hear from you!


Shelli said...

It works out perfectly that you just happen to have seven sisters! No fair -- who am I going to tag now? Ah, I have a few ideas, though!

Nutsonurse said...

Ahhhhh.....I remember those Bunco nights also, we were silly, rude, crude, and would laugh til it hurt. Wonderful!

The Northwest Bunch said...

Yes, You have tagged me. That means I have to blog now. I will try to do it tomorrow. Also, how I am going to find seven people to tagged. You have taken us all.

goingsome said...

Great tid bits about yourself. I agree with the Christmas thing, even though I am the thrifty one to call a truce, but buckle at the end. I even have the "kids" buy Mom something and tag it under the tree. Heck, "Santa" has even been know to leave something there for me and imagine that, it was just what I wanted. :)


Did you notice that half of your things you got from mom? Scary how we turn into our mothers. Don't get me wrong - Brent teases me all the time about it. Now, we are all just as nutty as she is.

Crazymamaof6 said...

awesome! thanks for playing along. sorry i haven't been online much! commenting anyway.
i've missed your posts.
love that you like to shake your booty, me too! my kids think it's awesome.
i love to laugh. and usually just laugh at my own jokes.

i totally get the uncomfortable about meeting new people. i kind of do that. and yet fake it 'til you make it is my rule.

thanks for playing!