Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is This A Magical House?

The entire time we were in California, Grammy made it her job to put Bailey and Grace to bed each night. Now these two STILL sleep in my bed so I told my mom it was pointless to try putting them in their own beds at her house. But~She wanted to try anyhow.I of course thought..whatever..go for it you crazy fool!
She would take them upstairs, have a prayer with them and then she would sing three or four songs. The girls would cry and tell her that they wanted to sleep with me. Every time they began to cry grammy would do this kind of growl thing and tell them no crying at grammy's house or she would tell them to open up their bawlers (mouths) and she would put her fingers in and tell them she was taking out the bawlers and they couldn't cry anymore!
Now I think she probably scared the living crap out of them but they actually slept in those beds every single night that we were there! Impressive!
So Sunday night we get home and put them in their own beds and they are so exhausted that they fall asleep instantly! Wow!
Last night we finish setting up their room. We had only one bed up so we finished the bunk bed, put sheets on them, added the princess pillows and put all the toys into place.
At bed time I told Tony to have family prayer in their room and then he sang songs to them and tucked them in bed. We went to the other room waiting...expecting them to come crying at any moment! But~they never came!
After about 10 minutes Tony looks at me with a shocked expression and says "can you believe this? They went to bed in their own beds! Is this a Magical house?"
I replied "nope, Grammy is!"


Shelli said...

Ah, congratulations! How wonderful! I'm sure moving away from old traditions and old associations helped. Yay for your big girls!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

that's great!

Mike, Suzann and Family said...

YA! Isn't that a great feeling! Mike was the one that finally got Jimmy to go to bed, not only is his bed, but at the same time as his sisters. I definitely owe him one for that :)

goingsome said...

Yeah! It's priceless. We struggled with that for a while, but finally we have won the battle. Occassionally the kids come in our room, but for the most part they are good about going to bed in their room. Keep up the good work and try not to buckle, since they will get in the habit of staying in their own beds. It may take a few nights of them crying themselves to bed, but they will adjust. I promise you it is worth it!

Jim Proffitt said...

Grammy is magic!! I've been trying to tell you guys all along.

Ginger said...

Get it right. It is the whinner I remove from their mouths.

Ginger said...

oops! Thats whiner


I love the growl. It scares the snort out of the kids but it works. I am glad that you finally get your own bed back. Now be careful - You don't want to go for number 7! ;-)