Thursday, July 10, 2008

Weird, Wild Weather!

The Monsoon's are here! Woohoo!
Tonight the skies started to darken and the wind started to blow! The skies started to light up with lightening! When Tony and I got out of church the rain had begun! It was such a wild, fun storm tonight! Here are some pictures of the storm I took! We were watching TV after it had been raining for about a hour and you could hear the rain just pouring. It got so loud Rachelle and Hannah ran outside to look at it! Rachelle came back inside soaking wet and told me Hannah was still outside~ Here she is! Soaked to the bone! Within a minute or less she was absolutely soaked! Can you see how hard it was raining?
The news tonight said the wind was clocked blowing 80 miles a hour~the same as a category 1 hurricane. The rain had already fallen almost 2 inches in under a hour and flights at the airport were grounded until the weather mellowed out!
FINALLY!!!! Weather in Arizona I actually LOVE! Yep, I'm a happy girl Ü

I had to take about 30 pictures just to get one of the lightining! Guess I need a camera that is faster!


Jenifer said...

I took pictures too! Sure sign of a blogger. LOVE the monsoon!

Crazymamaof6 said...

love it! my hubby had to go out and rescue our molding! it is outside until it's installed, now it's in the soda room! he was drenched in a matter of seconds. and the wind was amazing! love monsoon season! i was having a couple surges though, and lit candles just in case of a black out. what a lame evening that would be alone, kids in bed, hubby gone to the movies, and NO COMPUTER? LAME! glad that didn't happen yet!
fun pictures of lightening!

goingsome said...

Love the pictures. A sign of a true blogger. Always ready with the camera. See Arizona weather can change and be a relief. Yes, few blogger, I am up late tonight, but ahead of my really late nighters.

Lori ~ LL-K said...

Love the Pictures!!
Love this time of year!!

Shelli said...

Psychic sister moment, eh? Too cool!