Sunday, July 6, 2008

52 Blessings Project ~Week 27

This Week I Am Grateful For~ Books!!

Ever since I was young I have had a love of reading! When I was a freshman in high school I can remember being embarrassed as I tried to sneak checking out a juicy Harlequin Romance from the school library!

Nothing is as fabulous as losing yourself in a really wild, fun read! I love Zany characters and outrageous adventures!

One of the funnest series of books I love to read are Janet Evonovich's Stephanie Plum series.

They are a little racy, but not raunchy. The stories are crazy, and funny and a real light read. I have read all 13 of them so far!

When it comes to books I am a cheapskate. I buy them at garage sales by the bag fulls. I like the library but am always forgetting to return them on time and end up with late fees. (That reminds me, I have 4 books upstairs late and needing to be returned! Crap!!)

Well, the newest plum novel just came out last month. I have been dying to read it but there is a wait at the library for the book and me being cheep just didn't want to pay $30 for a book I'll blow through in a day or two.

Well, last night I was at target and saw the book for 30% off! I HAD to have it! I am so excited!!! So, tonight at midnight instead of blogging I am going to be tucked in my bed with my big juicy novel!!

Books~ I just love them. They are a blessing to me for sure!

Oh, Do you like to read? Love it?

Preference~Juicy? Raunchy?Romantic? Light read??

Here is a review and description of my latest book~

Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum is back, and she's as entertaining as ever. In her 14th outing, she tries to help her cop boyfriend Morelli figure out why people are breaking into his home. (Could it be because his ex-con cousin Dom Rizzi buried his bank-robbery booty there?) She helps her flirt buddy Ranger do personal security for a Dolly-like sexagenarian singer named Brenda. Then she and her ex-prostitute partner, the scene-stealing Lula, somehow end up filming a COPS-meets-The Simple Life TV special with Brenda — for Fox, naturally. In short: Fearless Fourteen is the quick and quirky book Janet Evanovich fans have come to expect. B+

See? Mindless entertainment! I love it!


Aprilyn said...

I love reading! I read all of the Twilight Books and am anxiously awaiting the next book in that series. I also just finished reading The Host by Stephenie Meyers. I TOTALLY recommend that one! I thought it was weird at first but it was totally awesome! I also love LDS Historical Fiction. I read all of The Work and the Glory but found I had to skim some of it because there was TOO MUCH detail. Not bad detail, just too much unnecessary fluff!! I like mysteries too.

Shelli said...

Me, too! I also recommend the Twilight books if you haven't already read them. They're a guilty pleasure for me, and fun to read with your daughter. I love Harry Potter, and so do all my kids. I love some of the English classics. Jane Eyre was fantastic, and I highly recommend it. Also Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. Sometimes I like a more challenging read. I love Steinbeck's Winter of our Discontent. Hey, the list goes on and on!

Lori ~ LL-K said...

I love to read but since I had Abigail I can't seem to finish a book! There seem like there is always something else to get done.

Love the new cover!! Very cute!!

Jenifer said...

I will read the cereal box if that is all I have. Love it so much! I do like a light read. I really love the British chick lit. We should exchange books!

goingsome said...

Yeah, Jenifer, I agree, I practically only read the cereal box, since I can't find time for anything else I should pick up a good book now and again. I do read, just not a complete book cover to cover. Maybe it should be my new mission. :)


I just started reading Fearless Fourteen last night. There is an animal scene that made me laugh so hard, I almost cried my contacts out! It is another Evanovich classic. I still need to finish it and I have to clean my house and pack. How will I ever do it all?!

Amanda said...

I read it also, I love the Plum books, I have them all so I can read them again and again, as well as the twilight series, I seriously don't know what I'd do without books in my life, another great series you should read are the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris, you will really get a kick out of it, just ask my mom, I got her hooked on it. Erin's last at work is the 24th of this month and she'll be leaving for Grand Junction, CO in August, she'll be moving there because that's where buttface... i mean Dustin, got a good job with good pay. we'll see how it goes for them. I know she's not planning on being there for a long time.

Lynda said...

I love Evanovich's books, and have also read every one. I know that I'm enjoying them when I wake Dale up from a dead sleep laughing so hard I can't stop...
BTW, Borders usually has the best sellers 40% off... so look there if you have one.