Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Photo Tag

Yikes!!! Julia You suck and I say that with love my friend Ü

She tagged me for this photo tag and I have accepted the challenge. I might even put a few of you to shame! Watch out folks!!

Oh yeah~ for those of you with weak stomachs, stop now, do not go any further. Walk away my friends, just walk away..

The only rules for this is that you have to post a photo of each of these things and you CANNOT clean before you take the photo! Why the hell am I doing this??? Oh yeah, I forgot it's fun...

Ok let the games begin~

1. Your dream vacation~Playa Del Carmen Mexico. Tony and I went to Xhel-ha a ecological preserve just outside Playa Del Carmen and went snorkeling there. We then went to the ruins of Tulum. I am dying to take my kids there with me someday! They would so love it!

2. A self portrait~ I was trying for a myspace-esque type of photo! I think I look pretty hot! I am one sexy beast!!

3. what are your kids doing now?

Rachelle and her friend Maddy are in the kitchen baking cupcakes, brownies, and taking turns reading the twilight book

Bailey is eating the goods as quick as Rachelle and Maddy bake them.

Ethan is snoozing in his high chair after a big meal!
Hannah and her friend Jessica are watching TV

Zachary is hiding from me. Claims I am mental since I started blogging

Grace is being a pain in the butt and refusing to take off her swimsuit from swimming earlier today!!

Umm Tony is technically not a child, just acting like one
4. Fav shoes~ These are super comfy and hide my sick looking toes! Holy crap, how come nobody told me I was getting canckles? Sheesh. Thanks alot!

5. Fav Room~ My family room. It is the room everyone gathers. I like it when I am cooking and everyone is in the family room and kitchen and we are talking and having fun. Also love when the family sits down to watch so you think you can dance, and the three little ones dance, and we critic the dance moves. Very fun.Even bratty teenagers aren't so bratty then!

6. Bathrooms~This is where it starts to get rough folks. Pretty disgusting. Hey, at least there are no floaters in the pic! Plus I HAVE been out of town for a week. Ok, ok, it is pretty sick even when I am home. I freaking hate cleaning bathrooms. Oh my! Now you need to prepare yourself for the next pic. And if you can't say something nice...stuff it!
7. WHAM!!! The Laundry Room~
Holy freaking sickness!! I told you I was working on it. And I swear before I left for Utah you could see the floor., Just not so much now! Oh, and see all the detergent bottles? They ARE empty, just need to be thrown away. See I am doing laundry.. just not my fav thing. Don't you just find a quick trip to Target easier than having to go in THERE for clothes???
8. Ok, Now I will go a little easier on you and let you all calm down
My closet~ not so bad.. and yes those are dirty clothes in the laundry baskets, but enough with that already right?

9. The Fridge~ Bad, but not horrifying. Oh I forgot I had that diet coke in there from McD's. wonder if it's flat now or still good...hmm..
10. Last but not least The sink~ Well, Rachelle has the kitchen this week and she has done pretty good, just not great. She hasn't been washing the big pots so I gotta get on her! Oh, she has the pine sol out~~ Maybe she will mop too! She said she would. Keep your fingers crossed!!!!
So my dear friends and family.. horrified yet? Like I say, Somehow I manage to be horrifying yet delightful all at once. I guess it's a talent of mine!
Who's brave out there? Ready to take the challenge and be tagged? This is for all of my friends and family. Who's brave enough?? C'mon you know you want to share...


Crazymamaof6 said...

totally not that bad! i just didn't show the mountain on my laundry room floor. it was there you just couldn't get it in the pic. TRICKY! love your washer and drier! i covet!
and lovely counter tops! and holy crap your bathroom is SUPER CLEAN! i don't know what you were worried about. everyone thinks theirs is the worst. which is awesome, since then we aren't thinking HEY hers was the worst. we all know mine was.
way to be brave! love ya for doing it! YOU ROCK!

Crazymamaof6 said...

OH and super foxy self portrait! FABULOUS!~

Jenifer said...

Ummm what is up with the spotless bathroom? Not fair. Love the post, I will do mine tomorrow. I'm dreading the self portrait....I have washer and dryer envy! Very nice!

sherry said...

Umm...if that was you being horrible, you are so not allowed in my house anymore. Hello! Clean. Everyone has laundry in their laundry room. Unless they just finished doing it. Can Rachelle come mop my floor too;)

Vidal's Nest said...

My bathroom is so not spotless. There is a glare on the camera. I think the lense has a smudge on it. The counters, mirrors and toilet are sick, AND... Next to the toilet where you can't see....trash on the floor! Not in the can!!! HE!HE!
The gross thing is this is the cleanest bathroom. Gross.

Jenifer said...

Ahhhh a fellow night owl. Perhaps I can smudge my camera for my self portrait. I hate pictures of myself. I already took my bathroom pic, but I could redo!

Lori ~ LL-K said...

You're a good sport!! And Hello your house is totally clean! Love the my space look!


I am so sorry, but I could never humiliate myself by doing this. My house is a cesspool. My laundry is not only all over the floor, it is now stacked up! My bathrooms are not only filthy, they grow mold. It is so humid out here that I can't control it. I have literally scrubbed the grout out in some spots where the mold wouldn't come off all the way. Also, your house looks totally clean. Did you cheat? Way too nice without notice! Hehehehe!

goingsome said...

Ok, you forced me to accept your challenge and I did it without prepping and it was fun. Thanks for the gentle reminder. Sometimes we need a push. It reminded me that we all human and this is life. We are usually harder on ourselves, than the outside world. Everyone has "pit falls" if you look close enough, but heck this is life. We are our own worse critics. You are lookin' pretty good girl!!!! Way to go!!!

Kendra said...

Wow Lady, you have guts! I would NEVER take pictures of my house in the day to day mess of things. I know that I am a terrible housekeeper. I have struggled with it forever. I am a clutter bug and I keep everything. I have piles - of dirty clothes, clean laundry, things to get rid of, things to find a place to practically ever room. Seriously, it is the one thing that Jared and I have struggled with our entire married life. He is a neat freak and I am not. I get so embarassed when people show up out of the blue and I haven't had time to straighten up. I try to stay on top of the house stuff, but I get busy with kids and life and cleaning is the LOWEST thing on my priority list. Props to you for being brave and taking pictures. I wish I knew how to be a better housekeeper. Sometimes I feel like everyone has some other secret cleaning method that I never learned.

Kendra said...
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Kendra said...

Sorry about that - it posted my previous comment twice, so I deleted one of them.

Aprilyn said...

I'll take your challenge. Check my blog later.