Saturday, July 19, 2008

Latest And Greatest!

I have been thinking about a few thoughts and new finds I have found that I am delighted over and thought I'd share a few!!

1.) A sick 4 year old is MUCH better than a sick 2 year old! They can make it to the toilet to puke and if they feel to weak to make it to the toilet then they ask for a bucket. Delightful!

2.) Wal Mart Fresh and Easy store carries refrigerated pizza dough that is really tasty and only costs $1.18!It's just like homemade dough! It makes a 12" pizza or a Stromboli! I was so excited when I had nothing planned for dinner and was walking aimlessly through the store when I spotted it! Plus, I already had pizza sauce at home and all the toppings! (weird that I actually had that!) Dinner was ready in 20 minutes and only cost me $2.36 (for two pizzas) AWESOME!!!

3.) I wanted to buy a new patio set but hadn't gotten around to it. One Saturday morning I went to a garage sale late in the day. The people were closing down shop for the day. The lady told me she forgot to put out a patio set and she doesn't want it anymore! She asked if I wanted it for FREE! It isn't super cute, but with some new cushions and a cute umbrella it is great...Plus it was FREE!

4.)I know I have mentioned this before, but it is still a awesome new find for me! Imagine my surprise and delight when my high school best friend who I had not seen in 20 years emailed me! She had found my blog on the Internet and was able to find where I live. She lives just around the corner from me! Cool!

5.) Brownie Mallow Bars~I found this recipe and it is sickly rich and yet delish! The top layer reminds me of a bar my girlfriend Corrine made years ago that I loved. It is a brownie layer, next a marshmallow layer, then a peanut butter chocolate crisp layer. I think it just might be the ultimate PMS dessert of choice! MMM. I think maybe my mouth is watering here...

6.) Catching up with long lost relatives! OK, maybe it isn't so long ago but we kind of lost touch with my cousins that live here in Arizona. I kind of felt that one of them really didn't like me so I just wasn't going to contact any of them. I found my cousin Sherry's blog through Julie's blog and began reading it! I found I really like the person she has become! We have since gotten together and we now have our weekly dates at McDonald's! The kids play and have a good time and Sherry and I have fun visiting! It has been great and made the adjustment living here easier! I am going to get together with another one of my cousins soon and hope it goes as smooth as getting to know Sherry has been!

7.) Discovering Arizona has a Krispy Kreme store and a Great Harvest store!
I am not a real big doughnut person, but once in a blue moon I love a hot doughnut from Krispy Kreme. It has probably been about 3 years since I had one, but we discovered a Krispy Kreme not too far away and had to go get one! The girls think it is the coolest place ever! I love a fresh hot doughnut!

We used to get our bread from Great Harvest bakery in Utah. I loved it and so did the kids! They would throw a fit just to be able to go with me to the bakery. The bakery gives you a huge slice of bread while you are in line to buy the bread. I think it was Zach's favorite errand to help me run. They have the best honey whole wheat, white, and sunflower bread. Tony has just located one here so I am planning a trip with the kids next week! Cool a field trip!

8.) Blogging! I am not that new to it, but it still feels new and delightful. I have recently gotten (with the help of other nagging family members) all of my family started in blogging! Yep, all 8 of us have taken the plunge and I am lovin reading about everyone's day to day happenings and seeing pictures of my sweet nieces and nephews that I don't get to see as much as I'd like to. I think through blogging I have heard more from mom in a month than maybe I did all last year!Awesome! She is a funny lady and reading her posts reminds me of just how funny she is!

Also through blogging I have made some friends! I am a little freakish when I am around people I don't know very well. I say the most inappropriate things and am just socially inept! Once I get to know someone I relax and can be myself but it is a painful process getting there. I like blogging because I can just be me and not worry about being weird.I am who I am. And ~so far~you like me !!you really, really like me!! ( My Oscar moment there!) OK, maybe you don't like me a THAT much, but you have made me feel welcome and somewhat comfortable! I have had fun getting to know new people and I have had fun! The lunch we had last week with some bloggin buddies was fun! I like that these women are just as fun in person as they are on their blogs!

9.) El Ranchito sells masa already made for tamales! I have been wanting to try to make homemade tamales for years now! I have seen them made on the Food Network before but have felt uneasy trying to make the masa! Well the little Mexican food store Tony and I found for the 4th had Masa already made in the refrigerator section! I am now totally going to try to make homemade tamales. I have a great Mexican meat mix that is in a green chili sauce that I think is good and so I am going to make that for the filling!I love homemade tamales! I remember vacations in Ensenada Mexico when I was growing up and the ladies would bring around fresh tortillas and tamales. I always thought they were amazing. Now I will be amazing too (hopefully)

10.) A new web site that I got from someone commenting on my blog. She and her sister started this blog when they were trying to get their food storage together and they have documented their finds. I like it and it had some good tips to help me with getting my food storage started!

11.) Zumba~ I was going to the gym 4-5 times a week working my BUTT OFF! with my trainer. I was the only fat chick (or fat person) there. it was humilating and horribly uncomfortable but I did it. I never missed a training session with Amy. By the end she was saying I really surprised her with how hard I was working! I was Motivated! Well, Amy was moving to the bay area and so we were cramming in the last of my sessions so I could finish off with her. On my very last day, I was working so hard I thought I was going to puke. I figured go big or go home right? Well, this man stood behind me over by the weights where all of the body builders were and started mocking me! He thought he was so funny. I heard him laughing then I finally caught what he was saying. I was MORTIFIED!! I of course made the situation even more unbearable by starting to cry. In front of all these ripped perfect bodies. Who were watching the fat chick fall apart!
I felt destroyed! I have been a wimp and not gone back since! I am such a baby. I want to but am afraid to go. Oh look the fat chick who had a nervous breakdown has finally come back! Well, I have been depressed and have struggled with getting my butt to the gym. I saw on the class schedule that they were now offering Zumba classes. I didn't know what it was until I saw this on Youtube! I love it! I think this might be the thing that helps me just do it! Get back in the gym! And~ I think I am going to have to just embrace the humiliation! It's a given right? can you picture me in this class? I think my butt and arm fat are going to be moving more than the rest of me, but hey~ I'm having fun right? Maybe I ought to go balls out and buy a outrageous exercise outfit for the class too! As long as I am making a spectacle of myself~ Fat chick at the Gym, Fat chick's fat moving in ways she can't control, What? fat chick on the floor unable to get a breathe... I might as well embrace and go crazy right? Maybe I'll even go for a sexy belly shirt! Hehehe! Anyhow, love Zumba and SERIOUSLY thinking of doing it!!!! YIKES!

So do you have any new finds that you love?


Shelli said...

Does Great Harvest still do cinnamon rolls? They were my favorite! You can get some of those and then work it off at your Zumba class. I think you should try to match the outfit of the instructor on the video. Think I could pull off a shirt like that? Lol!

Lori ~ LL-K said...

The Brownie Mallow Bars~ look so yummy!! Awesome finds!! Thanks for sharing!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

k post the recipe! and holy cow! that class looks so fun! i could imagine the jello effect. for myself. OY! but so fun! and i bet it's awesome exercise and might as well have fun right! Zumba looks awesome. maybe i'd have to come do it with you!

goingsome said...

Girl, couldn't you have found a better photo of me. UGH!!!((sigh))), oh well!!! Yes, I agree, there are things to be grateful for. I have recently found how nice it is to get away from home and, even better, to be back at home. Yes, indeed, "home body" is cool.

goingsome said...
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goingsome said...

P.S. I think you would be great at Zumba. You always loved to groove. Now, me on the other hand, that would not be pretty, but I would give it a try and not care. I would make the boys cry!!!

Jenifer said...

Guess what? We do like you a lot for who you are! Way to go on the patio set, that is way cool.
It is nice once the kids are older and you don't have to worry about puke everywhere. What a great perk in a crappy situation:)

Aprilyn said...

You make me laugh every time I read your blog. I think that's great!
I've gotta get me some pizza dough. That's awesome! I also gotta get me some of the Sour Cream and Chives cream cheese so I can make that yummy recipe you told me about.
Go Zoomba! That is cool but I can't do it. I'm too clumsy. Obviously those guys are in it for the butt shaking chick. I'm sure they'd like to see the front of her shaking too. Hehe

sherry said...

Wow, tons of good ideas! I'll have to check out Great Harvest. You'll have to tell me where it is, exactly. And those bars look to die for! Yum! Exercise is always more likely to happen when you are having fun! Go for those classes! And if you wear a cute outfit, I want pictures. I seem to remember that you could really groove as a teenager. Shake it! Hopefully your kids are feeling better, and we can get together for lunch on Thursday!

Lori said...

Ok, you had me all excited about this new class at the gym. Then I watched the video. Are you kidding me? My body couldn't do that if I tried. And I had no idea they have a Great Harvest here. I love that place. Where is it????