Friday, July 25, 2008

A Day Salvaged!

What do you do when you think you are on the verge of killing (or at the very least caging) your screaming , fighting kids? You head to Walmart.(without them of course)
I am a firm believer of retail therapy! I think it could cure just about anything. I am going to have to test that theory a little more though to be sure!
Anyhow, as I wondered aimlessly down the aisles, I found myself quite pleased with myself as I watched other mothers trying to tame their hysterical children. Wow! I felt better already! See I was clever enough to have left them at home! I had avoided the Walmart meltdown and I got to escape for a few hours!
Another added bonus?? I found these cute little hats. A Dora one (grace's fav) and a Mermaid one (Bailey's Fav). They were on clearance for only $1.00!
I brought them home and gave them to the girls and told them they had to be nice~ No more fighting ( I was on the verge of doing something that might have merited a CPS call~ Sheesh!)
Worked like a charm. They played for over an hour with not one fight. In fact they were downright loving to one another! They hopped in the car ( a one seater car and SHARED the seat~Impressive!) They kept saying things like "sweetie where would you like to go shopping today?" "Sweetie should we drive to have some lunch?" It was enough to bring tears to a mother on the edge's eyes! First~ $2.00 hat purchases has brought Harmony into the home again, and second~My girls are already learning the benefits of retail therapy! I guess I am doing something right after all!
Ahhh...I love Walmart!


Mike, Suzann and Family said...

LOVE retail therapy. I too would recommend it to all mothers. It is fantastic... unless you have to deal with all those other crazy people. Good ol' Wal-mart... Love it!

goingsome said...

Ah, the beauty of watching other peoples kids, will appreciate yours. Gotta love a good bargin or smokin' deals. You go girl. I love that. Target is my favorite, but WalMart is good for clearance smokin' deals!!!!

Aprilyn said...

I love their comments to each other. That's funny. I'm glad retail therapy worked for you.

Shelli said...

Too cute! I love the hats. A nice pedicure works, too, and guess where I go to get my toes done? Wal-Mart! (It's inside the super Wal-Mart store).

Jenifer said...

I like WalMart too. I could spend a few hours there. Just think, if they fight again, threaten to take the hats away! They can be the nice girl hats. maybe I should go buy some for my kids:)

Crazymamaof6 said...

yay FOR RETAIL THERAPY! can't wait for summer to be over! i have a load of fighting kids home all day! way to go . and a bargain at a dollar each.
glad they were happy and nice. YAY!

love when they play nicely together.

raising4boys said...

Great therapy for all!! I believe in alone time every now and again. My therapy was making cards tonight. Doing something crafty always lifts my spirits.

Cheffie-Mom said...

You go momma! Retail therapy is great!!