Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wild And Crazy Guy!

OK, I'm not talkin Steve Martin here folks, nope, I'm talking about Anthony! I know that when I am with him I know that I am always going get a good laugh! I guess that's why the theme for his 18th birthday was "Pretty Princess"! It would get a good laugh and he would go along with it fantastically! Plus, he is kinda pretty don't ya think?

Anthony, Anthony! Happy Birthday! Here are a few things that we love about you!

Lauri~ I love that you seem to have really found yourself. I can see that you are really happy! You are confident, funny,and kind. I can see why people tend to look up to you! I am so proud of the young man you have become and they choices you have made ! Plus, like I said before I love that you make me laugh! I miss you!

Ashley ~ I love how he thinks he's "Rico Suave" with the ladies and how he always thinks he's funny (even though he's not). And he's so caring and compassionate, he's always looking for nice things to do for others. No, really!

Liz ~ I love that he's a hopeless romantic, and that he'll cry while watching chick flicks with me. And I love that he includes me with his friends even though I'm a Freshman and he's a Senior.

Eric ~ I love that Anthony cries while watching chick flicks. Man, I wish I'd known that sooner. I love that he thinks he's better than me at everything. I really enjoy his company. He's always so down-to- earth and attractive, it makes for a good time.

Zachary~ I love that Anthony cries during chick flicks. I love that he is outgoing and so easy to be around. He is a very relaxing person to be around.

Rachelle~ I love Anthony cries during chick flicks. (thanks for sharing Liz!) I love how nice he is to everyone. I love how fun he is to be around and I love that he is so caring to me.

Hannah~ I love that he cries while watching chick flicks (giggle!), I like how he always will drive me places and he is so nice to me!

Bailey~ I love to play with him. That's it. OK He is so cute too.

Grace~ That he gives me apples and candy

Dad~ I love that as a child he had curly hair. He always has a smile on his face.He is a good example in the choices that he has made. I am proud to be his father!
We hope you had a fun, wonderful 18th birthday Anthony! We wish that we could have been there to share it with you!
Happy, Happy Birthday!


Cheffie-Mom said...

Looks like Anthony had a blast! The pictures are too funny! LOL!

goingsome said...

Oh, how funny. He looks good in purple. Nice to see that he feels comfortable enough to poke fun at himself. Too cool. I will have to remember that one for our boys. "Princess Party"!


Happy Birthday princess! What a nice tribute. Glad you all had fun!