Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Score One For Me!

Mornings around here suck! I mean seriously SUCK!! It is a constant battle getting the mouthy teens butts out of bed and ready to leave in time for school.
I have threatened, grounded, and blown alot of hot air. Just couldn't find the right motivation/threat to get them to school on time. And then last week it hit me...The cell phones! They are their lifelines to the outer world!
So last week when we were driving to school and I was lecturing for the umpteenth time I finally gave them a ultimatum. If they are late one more time..lose the phone for a day. next time after that for a week and so on!
So yesterday once again mouthy teen number one comes strolling out to the car fifteen minutes late. I smile and put my hand out. The stupid/blank look was priceless! So was the pissed arguing/begging!
I stood my ground and confiscated the phone. And I didn't give in early even with the constant badgering! AND!!!!!!! Today~Mouthy teen was ready and in the car TEN MINUTES EARLY!!!
Wow! I won the battle. Not the war, but hey I'll take the victory anyhow!
So Whoohoo! Point for me!
Here's the tally so far!
I think I'm gaining on them here!



Score! Hopefully, this will work out well for you. It sounds like it is perfect leverage. My kids are awful in the mornings too, and they are little! I think hating the morning is genetic for us. Ironic, since they always seem to wake up so early on Saturdays!

Amanda said...

WooHoo!!! What a victory, I know I hated my phone being taken away from me when I was a teen but only because I paid the bill and I thought that that was a bit screwed up (yes mom, still upset about that) You picked a good battle. Good luck with the war.

Shelli said...

Congratulations! We need a victory now and then, don' we? My kids hate it, because when I'm dishing out consequences, I keep going and going until I find one that hurts. Looks like you hit the jackpot!

RhondaLue said...

That rocks. You're gainin' on them and that's all that counts!

I have started putting my hand out expectantly waiting for the phone when they are being mean to their littler siblings. I just don't know what else to do. They are lost w/o their phones so that's why I keep doing it.

...for my dating daughter....if she's late one day that whole week--no dates for that ENTIRE weekend! It's torture for her. MWAHH AHH AHHHH!!!!

pam said...

I love it!! GO YOU!

goingsome said...

Yep, you hit a nerve. Good going. The phones are their life lines, so a couple of days of no phone will make them think. I know that I feel lost without my cell phone or computer. Good going.
You have found their "pay off". Cell phones are a priviledge and a reward, not a given right.

Juli said...

Ahhh! The cell phone. My favorite punishment. The uglier they get the longer I get it. Then comes the computer, and friends, and yes I even had to resort to staying in their room reading a book that I choose! That was a very long month! I pray you don't get that far! :p

Cara said...

Brilliant!!! So proud of you. I must remember that one. My threat is Cassidy has to go to bed an hour early - 7pm (ohhh she's only been late once!

Jenifer said...

You're gaining! I love figuring out what their tender spot is! Way to go!

Crazymamaof6 said...

hit 'em where it hurts! AWESOME!
hope you had a fabulous thanksgiving!