Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Need Ideas ASAP!!

Tony and I are on our new wards activity commitee. They had a christmas program planned. It was going to be christmas in Zarahemla. They were going to have the ward choir perform and have a mexican buffet. It doesn't make sense to me. BUT the choir has backed out and we just got a email asking for suggestions of themes for the party.They need ideas that are cheap and put together quickly. Does anyone have any suggestions that they have? Are there any Christmas parties that really stood out to you?
Let me know since we have to email them back today!!


The Northwest Bunch said...

Our ward is only doing a performance of The Forgotten Carols. They are only serving dessert.

You could have the Primary perform the Nativity with a Narrator reading the story. Always brings a soft spirit to the meaning of Christmas. You could also do a Sing a long of Christmas songs with Santa coming and surprising the kids. Parents can in advance present $5 gifts to Santa with there names so it looks like the received it directly from Santa. Or candy canes are cheap and all kids love them. You can still have a buffet of mexican food or just do a dessert bar. All is easy and not costly. Hope these ideas help.


Having the primary kids sing is a great idea. Each class could prepare a song. Also, our ward always does the nativity with the kids. It is so cute! We even have tons of costumes that someone made a few years ago. Santa comes every year and gives out candy canes. My suggestion is keep it simple. It is Christmas and no one needs the extra work.

KLS said...

This is too late, but maybe for the future? The best ward Christmas party I have been to was in Kauai. Each family in the ward was given a table top tree to decorate and they were used as center pieces on the tables. The categories were most creative, most traditional, most colorful, etc. After dinner, we were told who won in each category. We were given a box of chocolate macadamia nuts. I won for most colorful. I painted the tree aqua and white. Then I used sea shell necklaces for the garland and made shell ornaments and sea horse ornaments, and other sea creatures. It was my under water fantasy tree. It was so much fun seeing what the familes came up with. Then we had ward members perform Christmas carols and of course Santa came to visit. The meal was a potluck. At the end, the trees were donated to local retirement homes and hospitals.