Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Little More Patient

Tony is out of town tonight. Back in Colorado doing some training. And Bailey and Grace are still on one. You know the uncontrollable crying. The Mommy I want you. And I am feeling a little pitiful myself. Wishing Tony were here so I could pawn them off on him. Yeah the past two days have been hairy. But~ that is life. The good has some bad. And we persevere and we laugh and we hold onto the frayed ends of sanity.
Now the kids are finally asleep and I am able to slip into bed with my laptop to wind down and chill. I log onto to cox and I read the latest headline that is put out there through the associated press?
Nebraska parents rush to abandon children before lawmakers rewrite ill-fated 'safe-haven' law
Has the world gone mad? I read a little more and feel so incredibly sad. It tells how lawmakers in Nebraska had a law that allows parents to drop off their children that they don't want. The law was intended to save 'dumpster babies' but instead parents have been dropping off older children.20 teenagers, and 8 children who are 10 or 11! Wow! Do you wonder how our society has come to the point where they can drop their children off like a donation to good will? I really hurt for these kids.
And this has softened my heart a little and made the past two days not seem as awful. I sat here after reading this article and thought about my kids and the good and the ugly. And I smiled thinking about how Ethan is so snuggly right now. He likes to push anyone on my lap off so he gets me all to himself. He then wraps those fat little arms around my neck and he squeezes with all his might. He will then sometimes kiss me or he will pat my back over and over.
Or how about Grace telling me with a big smile on her face that she was going to torture me tonight because her owie was hurting.Or how she offered to wipe for me when I went to the bathroom and told me it won't be too disgusting. And Bailey was so delighted because she was sneaky and put some of Hannah's deodorant on and Hannah didn't even see her and do I want to smell her pits? And Mouthy teenager wanted to go to the store with me tonight. Didn't need anything. Just wanted to hang out and talk a little. And Hannah told me about 5 times before she went to bed how much she loved me. Or other mouthy teenager busting out the kitchen and the bedroom before heading to bed.
I was so focused on the constant screaming the past two days that I wasn't paying attention to the good stuff too.I like a saying I heard once~I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once. That's life right? Our children often give us mothers something to laugh about.And if we take the time it makes up for the things they will inevitably do to make us cry.
I don't know about you but tomorrow I want to be a little more patient a little softer and I want to make sure that there is no question in any of their minds that I love them so much and am grateful that they are a part of my family.


Amber said...

You're right on--the good with the bad. I'd take them both in order to continue with the life I'm living. Honestly though? I don't know how single parents do it!

Cheffie-Mom said...

Wow, Lauri. We are blessed by our children aren't we -- thank you for this sharing this post.

Shelli said...

Ah, a little perspective goes a long way, doesn't it? I have a great post on my blog that you will love. It speaks directly to what you are experiencing right now!

Amanda said...

I've also been feeling like this lately and reading your post (and shelli's) has made me remember that there are the great times to, I also had to post a little something about it.

Britta said...

Thanks for sharing. I too need to appreciate my children more.

Julie said...

I read this about Nebraska too. So sad! To just give up is a crying shame.

It's hard when the hubby's gone, but isn't nice when we're handed little tender mercies that put us back into the right place--like that article.

Your children sound so sweet. Hang in there!

goingsome said...

I know, I too have been hearing about Nebraska's safe haven law and have really pondered that. I don't know what kind of parent could drop their kid off and say goodbye. They would have to pry me away from my kids. It is so sad that people feel so desperate these day. Great thoughts to think about. Good blog post!

Kricket said...

I know my life would be really boring without my kids. Thanks Lauri, for the reminder of how special and what a blessing children are.

Crazymamaof6 said...

you are so right. it's the little stuff. makes it worth it.

a little perspective goes a long way too. YAY!

i can't believe that law. holy crap.those poor kids. abandoned. SAD!

KLS said...

Did they give any other information about the reason they are seeing older kids being dropped off? I wonder if they are no longer financially able to take care of the kids, so in order to try to give them a better life, they drop them off? I am trying to think of a reason other than they just are tired of being a parent. That breaks my heart. No matter the reason for a parent doing that, I can't imagine what a child would feel inside for the rest of their life knowing they were not wanted by the one person who held and protected them as a baby.


It certainly gives you better perspective. It is sad that some people would cast their pearls before swine.