Monday, November 24, 2008

Lovin Black Friday Ads??

Not me! Dang! So far I haven't seen anything that is such a smokin deal that I am going to drag my sorry butt out of bad at 4 am!
Now I have done this for many years but I am just not feeling it this year! is it me? Am I just cranky and not in the holiday mood or does anyone Else think the sales aren't as fabulous as usual?
Walmart does have a pretty good deal on kids Pjs and Slippers. They are only $4.00 BUT the Pjs are originally only $9 and the slippers are only $ 7 so I'm thinking it's not worth it for just those things!
Maybe I'll hit the Disney store later in the day! They always have fantastic Black Friday deals.
It feels a little sad not going but I like my sleep too much to give it up for one or two things!
Sooo....Who is going to hit the black Friday sales, and what are you after that is so fabulous you are going to risk your life in the running of the bulls people?


goingsome said...

Ok, I must confess. I am interested in the $4 pajamas, but not at the cost of 4am sleep deprived.............The $2 movie, probably, but still not at 4am. So, maybe at 10am to see if there is anything left. Who knows. I agree, what is the cost of SLEEP???................PRICELESS.

Shelli said...

Yeah, I gave up on the crack of dawn thing awhile ago. I still get out shopping on Friday, but a little later, after the biggest crowds have passed. There are still some good deals to find out there. Um, yeah, we're getting old!!!

Amanda said...

I don't hit those sales, it's insane (I worked at Macy's on that day once CRAZY) I went to a baby clothes outlet store last year and this year I'm going to make Josh go at the butt crack of dawn to check out the TVs (he's the early bird). I think later in the day is best.

The Northwest Bunch said...

I have never had that much energy to want to fight the crowds. It really in the end is not worth it, to me. Also I think with the way the economy is going that deals will be coming up throughout the season. I also think that the amount of business that is normally generated at this time of the year will be slow. So, girls sleep and better deals will come your way.

I also think that the holidays this year should reflect all are many blessing that we have been given. I know for a fact that Christmas will be small in gifts but will be large in the eternal blessings that are family has received. Jim and I feel that we have so much so what more can we buy. We do not want to waste money just to buy gifts. They need to be important to are families needs.

Sorry a bit sappy but I am ready to give birth and I am a emotional wreck.

Have a great day Lauri!!!

Juli said...

One year I got up that early with my girls yep even Emilie, It was the strangest day ever! I don't understand why people get up so early to buy things that they can still buy at 10. Nope not my style. Hahahaha remember, Em?

Crazymamaof6 said...


actually the ads are lame this year. NO serious bargains. but I'm going. just for the excitement. and fun of it. but really no mega deals.

the new movies out for only $9.00 is a rad deal though and since i didn't buy any of them yet? MERRY CHRISTMAS!

i bough my Pj's that were on the Sunday/Monday sale at Target. for 9.99. i don't do character stuff no matter how cheap they are.

toy's r us has a rad sale today and tomorrow. and i'm not buying anything giant. this year. so really i could totally not go on black Friday but it's my fave day of the year and if i miss out. then I'd be sad. SO I'm going and trying to keep impulse buys to a minimum.

kristifritzel said...

You know,I would rather spend the extra money JUST to avoid those kind of crowds.
But, it's not just you. my frineds at work who are OBSESSIVE about going on Black Friday are saying hte saem things. There reallyisn't anything fabulous.

RhondaLue said...

I used to go all the time and LOVE IT...the past couple years...not so much.

I'm broke this year and won't be getting much for my kid-bare minimum here but I'm OK with it. No sense going to the stores to see all the junk I can't have or buy. hehe


We saw a good deal on a trampoline for the whole family. I might send Brent out for it. We just don't know what to get yet. I am tired and have not done as much for Christmas as I should. We will have to see. I definitely will not be going because I love sleep too much.

Ginger said...

I think this is going to be a quiet Christmas for everyone. I will NEVER go shopping the day after Thanksgiving, I can hardly move!