Monday, November 17, 2008

52 Blessings Project~ Week 46

This Week I Am Grateful For~ A Sunday Without Chaos!!
I usually hate Sundays. Yep, hate them. I fight with the kids and yell and am frustrated that they won't get in the shower, can't find their tie, can't find their shoes. Won't help get the diaper bag ready.
Doesn't matter that Saturday night they were supposed to have their clothes laid out and ready to go. Often they claim that they are only to find Sunday that they aren't! Ugg!
So, by the time we get to church~usually late I am ticked off. And then wrestling my lil ones trying to keep them quiet often adds to my mood. Some days I sit there and wonder why we even try.
BUT~ we have made the commitment. We ARE going to try. Each and every Sunday. Even if it sucks. Church is where we need to be. What our family needs.
So I began the prep for Sunday on Saturday. Bought everything for the dinner. Crockpotting it. Bought new tights for the girls so I didn't have to look for old ones. Bought Ethan a new shirt so I wouldn't have to dig through laundry to find one of the few ones I have for church.
I actually checked to make sure the older ones had clothes ready.
And now for the really big part here.....On Sunday I got up early (gasp!)
I got in the shower first thing and got myself ready. Yes I think that is the secret for me.Once ready I had time to get the dinner in the crockpot, make cornbread, bathe the lil ones, get them dressed, Bugged older ones to be on time and get crackin and I even got someone to get that dang diaper bag ready before we were ready to leave.
I didn't have to scream once. I didn't have one single argument with one person. It was smooth sailing around here!
Best part???? We arrived almost 20 minutes early! First time evah! BOOYA!
I wasn't angry, or frustrated. I was calm. And it was a fantastic feeling to watch Zach up there as a priest helping to bless the sacrament. I was so grateful. Our ward is a lil pushy with him and even if he protests a little they keep on him. So he did it! Yah I totally love this ward.
So even if the lil ones were still a bit wild I was able for the first time in a long long time able to go to church without all the Chaos and frustration and I actually had a great day!
~For That I Am Very Thankful!


Shelli said...

Ah, enjoy it while it lasts! It's nice to get a good day in once in awhile, isn't it? I feel better when I get up early enough to not have to rush, too. And, having made it through the baby and toddler years, I promise it is worth it. If you weren't so busy with your own, you could look around at laugh at all the other moms struggling like you do!

Britta said...

Agh, I agree. I sometimes get to church so frazzled and mad. I don't want to smile or talk to anyone. I'm counting down the seconds until the kids go to their own classes. After awhile, I calm down, but there are sometimes I just want to drop the family off and go home and cry. Glad you had a great Sunday and that you enjoy your new ward!

goingsome said...

Exactly. I have learned, and continue to learn, that a little planning really helps. When I am laying in bed trying to grab myself 10 minutes more of sleep I try to remind myself that the extra 10 minutes of sleep won't give me relief, but the extra 10 minutes of being awake will give me peace and a better start to the day. Good Job!!!

RhondaLue said...

I feel your pain (and joy!) sister!

People think that when my hub is in meetings all morning and isn't home to help that my older kids help with the little ones. HAHAHA!!! Silliy naive people.

The older ones won't get out of bed, share the bathroom, have their stuff ready the night before...and the little ones scream because they want MOMMY TO DO IT (get them dressed) and someone always poops as we are walking out the door. good times.

But yes, it makes me extra grateful for those rare Sundays when things actually go smoothly. Sometimes it scares me alittle too. I like it but it's just so unexpected. ;)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Oh I so feel you on this one! I love it when Sunday goes right! IF that ever happens, it is a blessing!