Friday, September 26, 2008

Zach, Zach, Zach!

Handsome boy isn't he? I have almost no current pictures of him. He hates me to take them! Whenever I try he yells at me and tells me No way you probably want to blog it! Then he will say I'll let you know if I take a dump so you can post that! Nice Zach! I think my penchant for sarcasm has not been a good influence!
I only have football pictures because they take a ton of the team during the games so I can grab them! This one is from last nights game. We won ~yeah! 42 to 14. Seeing it was one of those Whoa moments! He looks so much older to me for some reason. He is definitely more of a butt head lately. I'm not sure I'm going to come out of parenting this boy through the teenage years intact! He is so moody, argumentative and basically drives me crazy. He can be the sweetest, kind thing and then WHAM~butthead! So, is this just teenagebuttholeitis and there is a end in sight eventually or has my sweet boy turned into a turd and that's just how it is? I thought only girls were this moody! Sheesh!
He tires me out!


Mike, Suzann and Family said...
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Mike, Suzann and Family said...

He is a handsome boy... But it sounds like that is a good thing, or he might not be around to see another day. People comment on how cute my kids are. I always says "they have to be or else they might not be here". Congrats on the football game! I cannot believe how grown up he is getting.

goingsome said...

I still can't believe that you are a parent to a "high schooler". Hang in there. You are doing a great job. Remember what we were like at that age?

Shelli said...

Hmm -- do they ever grow out of it? I don't know. Romney is younger than Zach, so we've got longer to wade through. I so look forward to that Sunday when my son is giving his returned missionary talk. They always look so mature. Think we'll ever make it to that day?

He is a handsome boy, though! Does that make it worse, do you think?


He is a great kid. He might be a butt head sometimes, but he isn't as bad as so many kids out there. I am sure that he will grow out of it. I know Brent regrets what a brat he was before his mission and he turned out pretty good!