Thursday, September 25, 2008

Indian Summer

Today it is kind of hot and it is windy! I know we have had days like this before but for some reason today it reminds me of the Indian Summers we have every year in California!
I loved it how growing up every year just as fall was starting we would get a surprising week of really warm weather along with some crazy wind! I used to love seeing the tumbleweeds roll across the street and the bigger they were the better! It seemed to me like it was the last little “Hurrah” of summer! Like summer just wanted to hang on a little while longer as much as I wanted it too!
It was kind of fun feeling the wind and smiling thinking of those days!


Shelli said...

That's what we're having right now! After a week of mild temperatures, it's back up in the 100's. I do love the tumbleweeds, too!

Crazymamaof6 said...

i used to love tumble weeds until we lived at ASU east. and there were no walls we got surrounded by tumbleweeds. insane amounts since it backed up to the dessert.
then JOY occasionally starts bawling because she misses the tumbleweeds. luckily we brought some with us when we moved and they now grow in our back yard. OY!

i love a nice windy day.

KLS said...

You just brought a smile to my face. Tumbleweeds :-) I love childhood memories that I have tucked away and forgotten until somebody reminds me.

raising4boys said...

Those are some BIG tumbleweeds. Here they get stuck in my window well. Glad you had some good memories :)