Saturday, September 6, 2008

Football Fever!

It's here! Football has officially begun. Thursday night was our first game of the season against Desert Ridge High school. Here's Zachary #70!

I forget how intense it can be watching the games! I tend to embarrass my family with all my yelling an carrying on!

This game was no exception. I was really getting worked up over this one! We did score the first touchdown but not as easily or as quickly as I would have liked! It was too intense! I watch Zach like a hawk watching as he makes a good block and worrying he is going to get hurt and laugh when he is pissed yelling at Sterling to quit being a girl and make the block! (his words after the game, I just saw him screamin at him during it!)
During the first few plays of the last quarter the other team scored and we were behind. I was angry with some crap calls by the referee, and frustrated with a turnover and some missed catches! I was getting really worked up when I saw one of our best players (and one of Zach's best friends) Gerald lying on the ground, and not getting up.
It was awful to watch. He was kicking his legs, but not getting up.
We watched as the team paramedics worked on him, and then a ambulance came. They worked on him for a good twenty minutes. They had to start a IV, and after a bit were able to transfer him and take him away.
The boys were really upset. One of them threw up on the sidelines!
Gerald had broke his arm clean in several places and it was laying in weird abnormal ways. Zach said it looked like a creepy snake!
Wow, when the game started again I have to say I wasn't as excited, or upset over a bad call, or even mad when we didn't win the game. I was just hoping Gerald was OK, and glad that Zachary had a game without getting hurt!
I love football, and watching him play, but boy, this is my biggest fear! Injuries! We have had a few close calls, but his injuries were always minor and he healed OK!
I guess it's just a part of the game!
Anyhow, we are looking for a rubber arm to have the team sign and are going to bring some treats to Gerald in the hospital.
Zach was pretty upset at the game, but he is over it. Already talking about next Thursday's game and the teams strategy with Tony, and today is nothin but college football on the TV.Life moves on, and the love of football prevails!
I guess football fever has begun!


Crazymamaof6 said...

whoohoo for football! poor Gerald. you are a good mom going to the games, and getting into it.

and ouch on injury risks.


Scary stuff. I don't know if I could handle JR getting pummeled like that.I am too neurotic. I hope Gerald is OK. What a scary thing to watch! Hopefully, you will not have to worry about Zach like that. Scary!

goingsome said...

Oh how fun. Sorry to hear about Gerald, though. I would love to go and see a game with ya. The boys would love it. Let me know when the next home game is, maybe I could swing it, if it isn't too close to bedtime for the little ones, and it is close to home. Go team go!!!!!!!!!How fun.

Shelli said...

I'm so glad Romney is doing water polo! The worst injury that could happen to him is he can get kicked in the balls underwater where the refs can't see. Oh, yeah, that and drowning.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Broken arms are SO not fun! Poor kid. Football is a fun sport... enjoy the season and I hope your son doesn't get injured.

Ginger said...

I hate football! It is dreadful! I can't stand it when someone gets hurt. I wish Zach would play tennis or maybe gymnastics? I even like water ballet for him.

Kendra said...

I bet that watching you watch the game is just as fun as watching the game. I am a big football fan (HS & College only) where football is full of energy, excitement, and errors. Hope your son has a great season!

Lori said...

Yea for HS football! I was always so nervous going to Dave's games when we were dating. We were at the BYU game this weekend when one of Washington's players got taken off the field in an ambulance. It was pretty scary stuff!! (He was ok) Dave's excited to go to Zach's games this season. I hope they do well.