Thursday, September 4, 2008

Bailey Starts Preschool!

Guess what?? Bailey is going to preschool! Yeah!! I have never enrolled her before and to be honest never even thought about it. At church Kendra was telling me how great her mother in law's preschool was. On a whim I asked if there was any room left. There was! So here we are!We enrolled her and went to meet Mrs MCclure. Wow~ she is fantastic and so is her preschool. I am stoked!
Bailey of course is thrilled.
We carpool with Kendra and Atalie. They are both super fantastic, and I only have to drive once a week! Cool.
Anyhow... here are lots of pictures. Weird that I am just as excited as Bailey!

Here's her two buddies, Jayden, and Haylie! Bailey loves them so it makes it even better for her going to school with them!

Here they are walking to class together. Super cute eh?

Here is Bailey getting ready to go inside!

Here is the tired crew after their first day of school! I feel for you Kendra having to load all the kids in the car!

Home at last! Tired yet delighted all at once!
Thanks Kendra, We are so excited!
Now I am down to two at home, and next year, Bailey will be in kindergarten and Grace will be in preschool and only Ethan at home then!Wow....there is relief in sight after all!



How fun! She looks darling. I am so excited for you. I have really enjoyed my time alone with Joe for a while. Tell Bailey that she is getting so big!

Jenifer said...

How exciting! I can't believe how many car seats are in that car. Big girl for sure. Love the new look! Very cute.

Lynda said...

She's adorable. I think it's great when they are so excited to go to school. It starts them off in the right direction.

Crazymamaof6 said...

yay! so exciting! congrats on that! awesome preschool too! WHOOHOO! they look thrilled!

love your new Fall look! so fancy! way to go!

Shelli said...

How fun! Those matching backpacks are too cute! I'm glad she had fun. Sometimes it's hard for the little ones to stay home when everyone else is off to school. I'm glad you have some good friends out there! And I, too, love your fall layout!

sherry said...

She's so cute. ANd I really want a backpack like that for Bren! Love the new fall background. If only I could figure out how to do those things myself. Maybe I can get you to do my background for me;)

The Northwest Bunch said...

Lauri did you make the backpack, they are too cute!! It is so fun to see your kids grow and want to try new adventures. She is to cute and it will be great fun for her. If you can post how the backpacks were made or bought. Reagan would love one also.

raising4boys said...

Cute girls!! That's nice you only have to drive once a week. This is my year to only have one at home when my preschooler is gone. And I have looked forward to it since last year. :)

goingsome said...

Oh what a big girl, Bailey. The backpacks are super cute. Love them. Our youngest is starting preschool next week. He is excited, he keeps asking "when can I start preschool"? I thought that he would enjoy being home, but I was wrong. I think he misses the interaction with other kids, plus I think it is contagious, since his older brother started kindergarten this year.

Cara said...

she is so cute! I'm glad she liked school. and the matching backpacks were darling!

Kendra said...

They are going to have so much fun this year! I finally got around to posting about the first day of school also. We have such cute girls. Thanks for joining me this year.